Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 22



Prep Tips


There are some things you can do to prepare in advance for your upcoming PCS move. Organization is the name of the game. Well, organization, flexibility, and more patience than you have ever exuded in your whole life!

oving is tough on the

whole family. It's a stressful

situation from the time a

servicemember receives orders until the last box is broken down and recycled. You'd think that a military move would be seamlessly executed, Tricare regions working together to ensure continuity of care, specialists could be lined up in advance of "boots on the ground." Yeah...and after you stop laughing, you can read our 5 pre-move tips.


Hand Carry

Oh, sure. The plan is that

you are going to transfer from

one MTF to the next, so, theoretically, your records will be accessible in their entirety - by your new health care providers. Do we really need to talk about the odds of that working? The safest bet is to hand carry everything from medical records to IEPs to prescriptions. Plan for the worst - that the military will lose everything, or you'll be referred out to civilian providers.