Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 9

Australian Caroline Chisholm Sarah Goldman HB $39.99 Arriving in Australia in 1838, Caroline Chisholm was appalled by the plight of young female immigrants. In response, Chisholm started the first employment office in the colony, established minimum wages, found homes, and she managed to do all this without any assistance from the government of the time. She utterly transformed life in Australia. A long overdue, contemporary and lively reassessment of an important Australian historical figure. Songlines and Fault Lines Glenn Morrison PB $27.99 Visitors to the Red Centre come looking for the real Australia, but find a place both beautiful and disturbing. There is wilderness, desire and an Aboriginal philosophy of home. But there is also the confusing countenance of the Australian frontier, a meeting place between black and white, ancient and modern. Songlines and Fault Lines explores the Red Centre through the eyes of those who have walked it, in six remarkable stories that have shaped our nation. Australian Gypsies Their Secret History Mandy Sayer Harbour Scott Bevan PB $34.99 Since the arrival of the First Fleet there have been Gypsies in Australia, yet their experiences have never been included in any official histories. In Australian Gypsies, award-winning memoirist and novelist Mandy Sayer weaves together a vivid, wide-ranging history that begins with the roots of the Romani culture, tracing the first Gypsy people to arrive in Australia (including James Squire, the colony’s first brewer) through to Gypsy families today. HB $49.99 Everyone knows Sydney Harbour. At least, we think we do. In this beautiful, authoritative and meditative journey, Scott Bevan takes us from cove to cove, by kayak, yacht and barge to gather the harbour’s stories, past and present, from boat builders, ship captains and fishermen to artists, divers, historians and environmentalists, from signs of ancient life to the submarine invasion by the Japanese. This is the ultimate story of Sydney Harbour. The Catch: The Story of Fishing in Australia Anna Clark Pompey Elliott at War: In His Own Words Ross McMullin PB $39.99 In every coastal town in Australia, there’s a bait shop and a boat ramp, and, in garages around the country, fishing rods wait for their next outing. Bringing her personal passion, author Anna Clark celebrates the enduring pleasure of fishing. This book charts the history of fishing, from the first accounts of Indigenous fishing and early European encounters to the latest fishing fads; from trout and fly fishing to balancing needs of commercial and recreational fishers. HB $59.99 The wartime letters and diaries of Pompey Elliott are exceptionally forthright. His letters to his young children turned even the Western Front into a bedtime story. Pompey was prominent in iconic battles and numerous controversies. No Australian general was more revered by those he led or more famous outside his own command. This book will lead to a new appreciation of Pompey’s character and his importance in the dramatic final year of World War I.