Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 8

Australian A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport Titus O'Reily Burke & Wills Peter FitzSimons Tinkering John Clarke HB $49.99 August 1860. In a quest to be the first Europeans to cross the Australian continent, the Victorian Exploring Expedition sets off from Melbourne, led by Robert O'Hara Burke, a brave man lacking the skills necessary for his task, and surveyor and meteorologist William Wills. Despite their tragic fates, the names of Burke and Wills have become synonymous with perseverance and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, and their story remains immediate and compelling. HB $34.99 The sudden death of John Clarke cut short the life of a man who was not only a great and much loved entertainer and satirist but a wonderful writer. Tinkering represents his work from the 1970s, and includes his writing for radio, television, stage and screen, as well some previously unpublished pieces. Tinkering is the perfect way to remember the genius who made us all laugh at ourselves and our society for so many years. Tracker Alexis Wright Monash & Chauvel Roland Perry Paradise in Chains Diana Preston PB $39.95 The legendary Indigenous activist ‘Tracker’ Tilmouth was taken from his family as a child and brought up on a mission on Croker Island. He returned home to transform the world of Aboriginal politics. This memoir was composed from interviews with Tracker and those who knew him, weaving his and their stories together into a book that is as much a tribute to the role played by storytelling in contemporary Aboriginal life as it is to the legacy of a remarkable man. PB $34.99 Monash and Chauvel is a gripping narrative history that follows the campaigns of the two most outstanding battlefield commanders of the First World War across all the allied armies: John Monash and Harry Chauvel. By the end of the war Monash and Chauvel had brought a distinctly Australian sensibility to their areas of operation. Their impact on the war was immense and this compelling account does full justice to their extraordinary careers. PB $35.00 The story of the mutiny of the Bounty has become the stuff of legend. But William Bligh's escape across the seas wasn't the only open-boat journey in that era. Convicts led by Mary Bryant also travelled across the ocean to land at the same port Bligh had reached only months before. In this dual narrative of survival, historian Diana Preston explains the thrilling voyages each party survived and the Pacific Island nations they encountered on their journey to safety. PB $34.99 Covering League, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Football, Netball, Quidditch and many more, Titus looks at how sport has united Australians and given them something to do in their spare time. Part history, part social commentary and part the ravings of a madman, Titus examines topics such as why it’s the AFL’s fault that Victorians are so awful, how soccer is the biggest threat to Australia since Communism and whether it's possible not to like sport and still be an Australian.