Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 5

Fiction Uncommon Type: Some Stories Tom Hanks Forest Dark Nicole Krauss Sing, Unburied, Sing Jesmyn Ward PB $32.99 Known for his honesty and sensitivity as an actor, Tom Hanks brings both those characteristics to his writing. Whimsical, moving and occasionally melancholy, Uncommon Type is a book that will delight as well as surprise. It establishes Hanks as a welcome and wonderful new voice in contemporary fiction, a voice that perceptively delves beneath the surface of friendships, families, love and normal, everyday behaviour. PB $24.99 In the wake of his parents' deaths, his divorce, and his retirement, Jules Epstein begins shedding his possessions. Wanting to commemorate his parents, he travels to Tel Aviv and checks into the Hilton. Meanwhile, a novelist leaves her family behind and arrives at the same hotel, hoping to unlock her writer's block. But when a retired professor of literature recruits her for a project involving Kafka, she will be changed in ways she could never have imagined. PB $24.99 Jojo and his sister, Kayla, live with their grandparents and their drug-addicted mother, Leonie, on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Leonie has visions of her dead brother; Mam is dying of cancer; and quiet, steady Pop tries to run the household and teach Jojo how to be a man. When the white father of Leonie's children is released from prison, Leonie packs her kids and a friend into her car and sets out to collect him on a voyage rife with danger and promise. Manhattan Beach Jennifer Egan The Burning Girl Claire Messud Artemis Andy Weir PB $32.99 The long-awaited novel from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Visit from the Goon Squad, Manhattan Beach opens in Brooklyn during the Great Depression. With the pace and atmosphere of a noir thriller and a wealth of detail about organised crime, the merchant marine and the clash of classes in New York, Egan's first historical novel is a deft, intimate exploration of a transformative moment in the lives of women and men. PB $27.99 Julia Robinson and Cassie Burnes have been friends since nursery school. They have shared everything, including their desire to escape the stifling limitations of their birthplace. But as the two girls enter adolescence, their paths diverge. Compact, compelling and ferociously sad, The Burning Girl is a complex examination of the stories we tell ourselves about childhood and friendship. PB $32.99 Jazz is a small time criminal, subsidising work as a porter on the moon with smuggling a little contraband. But it’s never enough. When she’s offered the chance to get rich quick she jumps at it. But planning the perfect crime in 1/6th gravity was never going to be easy, especially as there is a conspiracy at the heart of Artemis. At first it was about the money, then it was about control. Now it’s about survival.