Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 22

Critical Thinking The Rub of Time Martin Amis The Mother of All Questions Rebecca Solnit The Anna Karenina Fix Viv Groskop PB $35.00 The essays in The Rub of Time range from superb critical pieces on Amis’ heroes Nabokov, Bellow and Larkin to brilliantly funny ruminations on sport, Las Vegas, John Travolta and the pornography industry. At the centre of the book are essays on the American election campaigns of 2012 and 2016. One of the very few consolations of Donald Trump’s rise to power is that Martin Amis is there to write about him. HB $24.99 Following on from the success of Men Explain Things to Me comes a new collection of essays in which Rebecca Solnit opens up a [Z[\H܈[ق\ΈۙH]\ۉYX]^BY[]\]\^H[YB\\[[[܈][[\]HH[[\[Y[]\\[\H[[[قY[]\[X]\H^\™[Z[\H\YY[X[YX\XZ[H\H\]\H[ۜ˜[][\]\Y^H]\ˈ KNB]ܛۛ]]\][]\]\\[Y[YH\˜[XYH\[Y[\X[]\]\NHZ[\H]™][\YH [H\[[JH˜Z[[ݙH]Y[ۙH™\ۉݙH[HX[Y BX\\[X\\]JK܈Z[œX[H[[\X][\\X\[H [وZ݉ܚK\\H]\\H[Z[Y[[\]^[\\HH]]܉ۈYB]YXH\ۜو]\]\K[\\ݙHۘ]\X\]Y\“[[ܙۈYHܚY\’[[\\ K [[\HZ[\ݙBۘ]\X\\H\و\™]Y\]X\[\\][ۂ܈\\][ HZ\وBܛ [H]YH\ۈHܚ^ۋHX\\[[X\][ۋZ][܈H\Y\X]\œ]\[\[[Z]XH[]]H[KHܚ]\X]]\][HB[ۋ[Y\[\˜[\^\ˈZ[[܂ܘ[Y H[\H]\Y^B[Z[X\ؚX[YX\]]›YX[[ˈ ̋NB]Y\[HܚY\و]Bݙ[\ΈX\H[^K[Z[H۝K[ܙH[[ ]HZ[\\[XB[[[Z\ܙX]]]HZ\]\\]Y\\ܛ\[ܘ\H]YۈB[]\^H\K ]Y\ ]]]\ ΈHX[\]][ۈ\š\X\]H[XXو\H]H] \ܚ]\^HXYH\BY[]Y\Z\ۋZ[Y[YBوZ\\\][ۈHHZ[[ܙ\ܚ]HZ\ݙ[ˈ KNB[[\\\]H[ܙYK[\ܝZ\[ۈH\X[\ BY\Y[][\ []BX܈XX[\Y[X]^ Hܚ]\X]X[Z[X]\[YK[HܛH]\YBH\ۙK\ܞHۈB]\\وH^YX\[[Y[[\[[\H[^H]\ YBܚY\\[^[ܙ[\H[[YHYX\وܚHۙHق]\[Xx&\ܙX]ܚ]\