Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 19

The Arts The Atlas of Beauty Mihaela Noroc Whiteley on Trial Gabriella Coslovich Sticky Fingers Joe Hagan HB $55.00 Since 2013 Mihaela Noroc has travelled the world with her backpack and camera taking photos of everyday women to showcase the diversity and beauty all around us. The Atlas of Beauty is a collection of her photographs that celebrates women from all corners of the world and shows that beauty is everywhere, regardless of money, race or social status, and comes in many different sizes and colours. PB $32.99 It started with suspicions raised about artworks being produced in the style of Brett Whiteley in a Melbourne art restorer's studio. A jury finds two men guilty of faking Whiteleys, but a year later the appeal bench acquits them. The paintings are returned to their owners, leaving the legitimacy of the artworks in limbo. Whiteley on Trial investigates this remarkable case and exposes the avarice of the art world and the fragility of authenticity. PB $34.99 Jann Wenner has put an indelible stamp on American culture. As founding editor of Rolling Stone, Wenner and his magazine came to embody the freewheeling excesses of the sixties, shaping and reporting on a countercultural narrative that still exists today. In Joe Hagan’s long- awaited bombshell, Wenner opens up his personal and professional life for the first time. Sticky Fingers is a portrait of a man who helped define a generation. The Best Film I Never Made Bruce Beresford Annie Leibovitz Portraits: 2005–2016 Annie Leibovitz Overheard: The Art of Eavesdropping Oslo Davis HB $120.00 In this new collection from Annie Leibovitz iconic portraits sit side by side never-before-published photographs. Leibovitz has captured the most influential and compelling figures of the last decade in the style that has made her one of the most beloved talents of our time. Each of the photographs documents contemporary culture with an artist's eye, wit and an uncanny ability to personalise even the most recognisable and distinguished figures. PB $19.99 Every week since 2007, Oslo Davis has been eavesdropping on people in the city of Melbourne and recording what he hears in a cartoon for The Age newspaper. His wry observations have earned him a cult following, and ten years on he has become a beloved fixture. Now, for the first time, his Overheard cartoons have been collected in a hilarious compilation. Overheard is a hysterical collection with universal appeal. PB $29.99 This entertaining collection of pieces from the acclaimed director of Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy and Mao’s Last Dancer features memoirs, brief lives and revealing accounts of the film world. Alongside stories of unsung heroes from behind the camera are tales of Madeleine St John and Clive James, Margaret Olley and Jeffrey Smart—and Bruce Beresford’s father. Opinionated, wry and engaging, this book will provoke and delight in equal measure.