Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 15

House and Garden French House Chic Jane Webster Native Kate Herd & Jela Ivankovic-Waters Dreamscapes Claire Takacs HB $59.99 Jane Webster is the poster girl for selling up and following your dreams—and buying an almost derelict chateau in France. Since Jane moved her family to France, she has spent hours observing French style and inspiring people to frenchify their life. French House Chic includes intimate imagery of French houses and Jane’s address book of suppliers, creators and stores. This is a story of a lifetime of cultivating an eye for style and bringing it to life in the home. HB $49.99 Australian natives are as emblematic as they are adaptable but Native takes an old subject and gives it a complete makeover. This book surveys the ways native trees, shrubs, flowers and foliage can be put to surprising and beautiful uses by some of the most creative people working with plants today. With stunning photography of gardens old and new, this book captures the most creatively inspiring Australian plants and the people who work with them. HB $70.00 Dreamscapes features 70 of the most spectacular gardens in the world, all photographed at the height of their beauty. The genius of landscape designers such as Brandon Tyson, Paul Bangay and Fernando Martos is showcased to its very best effect by the haunting and evocative photographs of award-winning garden photographer, Claire Takacs. This magnificent volume will set you dreaming of the most beautiful gardens on earth. City Living Frances Zamora Mola Twenty-one Australian Architects Karen McCartney PB $65.00 Urban areas across the globe are experiencing a renaissance. City Living looks at the movement toward ecologically minded compact houses through the lens of urban life. This lavish volume includes 600 full-colour photographs and diagrams featuring an international collection of 55 homes that exemplify compact living at its best. Unique in design, these residences are the epitome of practicality and illustrate an understanding of compact living. HB $59.99 Australian architects are designing some of the most innovative residential homes in the world. This book takes a comprehensive look at 21 Australian architectural practices that are leading the way today. This fabulously photographed volume introduces readers to the cutting- edge architects currently working in Australia and discusses their design philosophy and inspiration alongside examples of their work. More Great Properties of Country Victoria Richard Allen & Kimbal Baker HB $59.99 The Western District squatters in the 1870s were speculators and investors, who built great wealth, elaborate mansions and beautiful gardens, many of which remain today. This fascinating and beautiful book— sequel to the bestselling Great Properties of Country Victoria—takes us into the private world of 13 more notable properties. It is a tribute to the past and present owners who have so painstakingly preserved their properties’ heritage.