Summer Catalogue 2017/2018 HOC Summer 17-18 - Page 14

House and Garden The Apartment House Cameron Bruhn & Katelin Butler Garden William Dangar Haute Bohemians Miguel Flores-Vianna HB $70.00 A new generation of home owners in Australia and New Zealand is foregoing the big backyard in favour of the convenience, sustainability and affordability of inner-city life in a townhouse or apartment. From suburban duplexes to medium- density apartment blocks and vertical living in twin towers, The Apartment House explores some of the best examples of contemporary multi- residential projects. HB $59.99 December A lavishly photographed celebration of renowned Australian landscape designer William Dangar's unique and highly creative approach to garden making. Garden is a journey through a series of 21 inspiring, emotive and lyrical gardens. Each project is described through Dangar's frank perspective, chronicling the challenges, the planting choices, the collaborations, the relationships and the joy that make these gardens significant. HB $90.00 Who, exactly, is a haute bohemian? Leave it to the discriminating, gimlet eye of photographer Miguel Flores- Vianna. He has journeyed through four continents to capture an extraordinary group of fashion designers, landscape architects, artists and art historians, potters and interior designers where they live. Some of these spaces are grand, others are modest, but all are original, stylish, charming and, above all, authentic. Small House Living Australia Catherine Foster Belle Beautiful Australian Homes Volume II Grand Melbourne Gardens David Wilkinson & Kimbal Baker PB $39.99 Small House Living Australia features 21 inspiring Australian homes. What they all have in common is a shared belief that good architectural design principles make even the smallest of architectural and ecological footprints possible. With high land costs, environmental pressure and smaller households, architects and designers are challenged to produce practical, cost-effective buildings without sacrificing the need for a beautiful home. HB $59.99 Following on from the success of Belle Beautiful Australian Homes, this new volume will showcase 40 more incredible abodes from Australia’s leading architects and interior designers. It takes readers on a fabulously styled and photographed inspection of homes created by cutting edge designers working in Australia today. This beautiful book features Australia’s finest architecture and interior design talents and our foremost photographers and writers. HB $70.00 Melbourne is known for its tree-lined streets and tantalising glimpses of beautiful houses behind high fences. This book takes us behind these fences and into the very heart of these private gardens. There are vegetable gardens, clivia walks, ancient English oak trees, rose gardens, rambling exotic courtyards, city rooftop wonderlands and bold stepped garden beds. This is a celebration of gardens new and old, small-scale and enormous.