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The price of access of maternal smoking is nearly double; and the number of people without access to a car is over four times higher. High access areas also have the greatest populations of people of color and the highest rates of people with self-reported mental health issues. Nationwide, people with psychiatric or addictive disorders consume about 40 percent of the cigarettes purchased. “Smoking rates are higher among people of limited means, and there’s a very high rate of smoking among people with a mental health diagnosis,” says Virginia Caine, director of the Marion County Health Department. “Many people with mental Indiana has about 8,500 licensed tobacco retailers. About 2,000 of them are located in the Indianapolis metro area, where, “as in other U.S. cities, tobacco retail outlets are concentrated where smoking rates are predicted to be the highest.” The report found that in “high access” areas, the poverty rate is more than three times higher than in “low access” areas. The differences are similarly stark across a range of metrics. In the areas of high access, the number of people without a high school degree is almost three times higher than in low access areas; the rate TOBACCO ACCESS IN CENTRAL INDIANA MADISON BOONE Tobacco retailers not only provide access to tobacco product, but also expose people to tobacco marketing. HAMILTON HENDRICKS MARION HANCOCK PUTNAM MARION COUNTY SHELBY MORGAN BROAD RIPPLE JOHNSON LAWRENCE BROWN SPEEDWAY IRVINGTON SOUTHPORT SMOKING PREVALENCE (18+) LOW ACCESS CENSUS TRACTS MEDIUM ACCESS CENSUS TRACTS HIGH ACCESS CENSUS TR ACTS 19.6% 27.1% 29.4% Tobacco Access in Central Indiana MATERNAL SMOKING RATE 12.2% 16.4% 22.5% POVERTY RATE ADULTS WITHOUT H.S. DIPLOMA 10.5% 8.8% 25.2% 34.3% ADULTS SELF-RPT POOR MENTAL HEALTH 11.7% 18.9% 23.2% 15.6% 16.8% HOUSEHOLDS WITHOUT VEHICLE ACCESS 4.3% PEOPLE OF COLOR 20.2% 11.2% 18.5% 40.6% 43.6% 9