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INTRODUCTION “Where a person lives is an integral factor when considering an individual’s and a community’s healthcare concerns and vulnerabilities” • Students in public health are using SAVI in their research to more completely understand and identify the socioeconomic determinants of health. • The report, Unequal Access: Tobacco Retail in the Indianapolis Metro Area reveals that tobacco is more readily available for purchase in areas that already struggle with quality-of- life issues. This issue of SAVI Online Magazine covers the influence of location on health. The SAVI Community Information We will share with you highlights from System allows one to focus on a four projects that incorporate statistics particular geography and look at a health from the SAVI community information challenge in relationship to other factors, system. In each instance, data guide including financial stability, education, program and policy decisions that will health, and culture, among others. It have a significant impact on the health of also allows one to see across a larger a community’s residents and population community such as a county where a health in general. health concern is concentrated and what • Parkview Health System collaborated other challenges the population in those with The Polis Center and IU’s areas face. Armed with this information, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public organizations and decision makers can Health, acting jointly as the Indiana develop a targeted solution to increase Partnership for Healthy Communities, successful intervention rates. to identify the top health concerns As you will learn through the stories in Fort Wayne and the surrounding in this issue, providing better contextual counties. information—and integrating information • The IU Richard M. Fairbanks School by geography—often results in more of Public Health is testing a tool meaningful outcomes. that integrates medical records and neighborhood-level data to predict the best type of treatment for a patient. 2