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“We know now that one of the greatest predictors of health outcomes for almost any patient, undergoing any procedure, or with almost any disease, is one value on a patient’s chart. And that value isn’t medical. It’s their ZIP code.” — DR. NIR MENACHEMI couple of visits, figure out the next medical intervention. Whereas, if you deploy a nutritionist to take them grocery shopping, and better educate the family on how to stretch the buck to incorporate healthy eating into the family’s lifestyle, maybe you’ll actually put a dent in the ability of the family to manage diabetes, for example.” The tool has been in the pilot stages and will soon be implemented Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health Indiana University in the 10 health clinics maintained by Eskenazi Health. “This is absolutely at the cutting edge,” Menachemi says of the collaboration. “It’s almost like this perfect marriage of forces— all of us on the same team, trying to figure out how to lead the nation in improving quality and reducing costs in health care.” THE DEVASTATING TOLL OF INDIANA’S TOBACCO ADDICTION Indiana’s current smoking rate is one of the highest in the nation — exacting a significant toll on our economy and costing Indiana in increased healthcare costs, lost productivity and premature loss of life. The recent SAVI Talk, “Unequal Access: Tobacco Retail in the Indianapolis Metro Area,” illuminated the relationship between tobacco outlet density and tobacco use in Central Indiana’s most vulnerable populations. To learn more about Indiana’s smoking epidemic, we encourage you to read the Fairbanks’ Report on the Tobacco Epidemic in Marion County and Indiana. View the full report at 23% $2.9b $2.6b 23 percent of Hoosiers smoke, ranking Indiana 39th for smoking in the nation. Smoking results in an estimated $2.9 billion worth of healthcare costs. Smoking results in an estimated $2.6 billion annually lost in productivity. View the full report at 1050 Wishard Blvd. | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | 13