Summer 2016 - Page 7


This is our BEST SELLER! If you think our Goat's Milk Soaps are luxurious, have we got a treat for you! Our Goat's Milk Face and Body Cream is a thick rich lotion packed full of high quality, skin loving oils with the added benefits of goat's milk. Goat’s milk has long been known for its moisturizing properties, but we didn’t stop there. The Muddy Moose’s Skin Cream is a unique combination, which we have developed over time,until we got it just perfect! Our nourishing recipe includes Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Goats Milk, Glycerin, and Optiphen. Optiphen is Paraben free and is necessary to prevent the growth of molds, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. A little goes a long way! Our Goat’s Milk Skin Cream is rich and thick for use on everybody’s skin and face. It is an excellent all over cream!

Because this lotion is so THICK AND RICH you don't need to slather it on.....a little goes a long way! This lotion is unlike any other, you will need to see how your skin absorbs it. Everyone's skin is different, so you will want to start with the tiniest amount possible and go up from there.

This cream is good to use on all parts of your body. You can use it on your face (avocado oil is a great facial oil) all the way down to your feet! My diabetic friend uses this on her feet all the time and swears by it!






This lotion is incredible. My only regret is I purchased the small jar. The scent is soothing and my skin has already improved since I received this in the mail a mere 5 days ago. I'll be foregoing any other company's lotion from here on out. This product is amazing.