Summer 2016 - Page 12

Bath Bombs

What is a bath bomb ?

Do you need a spa day but don’t have the time?

Our bath bombs are perfect to turn

any bath into a spa! And what a

better way to melt the stressful day

away than relaxing in a nice warm

tub filled a wonderful aroma? Your

skin soaks up the nourishing oils

and your mind and soul will

reap the benefits of the

aromatherapy! Enjoy a total spa

experience right in your own tub.

As the bomb fizzes, it dissolves and

releases the oils to sooth your dry

skin. Take a deep breath and inhale the benefits of

the essential oils.

Each bomb weighs

between 4-4.5 oz. Drop one

bomb in your warm bath water.

As the bomb dissolves it releases the oils to sooth your dry

skin and as the essential oils are also released, they go to work

on your mind and soul.

LAVENDER-100% pure lavender essential oil. Great for calming your stress and tension

Clear Sinus-contains camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and rosemary essential oils. Great for when you have a bad case of the sniffles!

PURE RELAXATION- contains the essential oils of lavender and palmarosa. Let a wave a relaxaion wash over you to forget the day's stresses!

Sleepytime- a great blend of lavender and vanilla. Take a warm bath and just drif.....ZzZZzZz.

Headache Helper- Contains the essential oils: lavender, peppermint and basil. Helps ease your pounding head.

Energizing-contains the essentail oils: sweet orange and ginger. Perfect to get you going in the morning!