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If someone has sensitive skin she said she highly recommends that they use BareMinerals, which is a hot commodity on the market. Another recommendation from our make up artist in fashion is Alcone by the limelight. All great products to use for our sensitive skinners.

Her grand tip of this interview that I hope all makeup users do and possibly know is that people have to understand that makeup does expire and some or even many don't even realize that. Everything in life has an expiration date including our makeup such as our foundation, eye shadows, blush, and mascaras. It is not a good idea to keep certain products for certain period of time. So, people from her lips to your eyes please check your expiration dates if they don't have any do not keep it for a very long period of time. Dispose and replenish with new products. Healthy skin includes a healthy body.

Her dreams are to continue the beauty in others and to have her own makeup line. The one specific one that she points out specifically is eyelashes and eyeliners. My response to that is GIRL YOU ROCK!! A woman of determination with a purpose and a goal with a desire to achieve is a woman after my own heart. I'm inspired.

A woman who juggles family life and career is empowering and inspiring and Carly Wolert is that professional woman who is punctual to a T, I know that for a fact of her being the head makeup artist for the Jefferson Foundation that I am a board member of, and she exemplified experience quality and poise and that makes her a bonified lady who is highly recommended in giving her clients that star glamour look for any and all events and occasions.

Although she works alone she knows how to create a team of such greatness in polished performance that anybody who grabs her and they better do it fast as her

journey although has begun a little while ago it has truly begun to flourish as the beauty and talented makeup Artist she is.

As I leave you wonderful readers with another article of a shining star I want to thank you all for taking the time out and reading about the work of art on the flip side of a major part of fashion in makeup Glam which is not incomplete without it when your styling in fashion so put on your best face in glam style from head to toe.

You can find Ms Carly Wolert on Facebook at GlitznGlamour or you can email her at

Thank you Carly for your expertise and time and to our viewers.

Article By: Elizabeth Dicker who is LizPetite

50 Make Up Artist