Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 51

unfastened one of his shoelaces. There was a downed tree just off the path to his left. He sat down on it and tied his shoe. He heard the leaves rustle. Fred stood up. More leaves crunched. Closer. “Go on! Beat it!” Fred yelled, thinking the bully had come back for another round. Leaves rustled very close. Fred looked along the path but he didn’t see anything. He turned around. Several yards away, in the woods, two bright red eyes looked at him. He couldn’t see who they belonged to, only its shadowy figure. He knew of no natural animal that had glowing, red eyes. He put one hand on his side, where it hurt. He couldn’t run anymore and he knew it. It came to him with a sudden horror that the rumors about the wolf were true. The thing started to growl in a low tone. Fred let out a low whimper. “What are you?” Fred asked, his voice shaking. It didn’t respond. “What do you-“ The beast leaped at Fred, taking another victim.