Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 43

that. After about thirty seconds of beating the tree with my shoe, I wondered if Bigfoot felt this stupid afterward like I did. Then, a similar sound came from somewhere in the distance. Oh man, I thought. I don’t believe this! I sat on the trampoline, waiting to hear it again. It took a few minutes, but it happened. From behind me, I heard another knocking. I decided I should go inside, but a flicker caught my eye. The star, or whatever it was that I was watching in the sky earlier, turned jade-green, and it looked like it was getting bigger. What’s going on, I thought. I hopped off the trampoline, and as soon as my feet hit the ground, I heard that beating sound toward the edge of my yard. It wasn’t far from me at all. It was immediately followed by another not far away enough. Then another. The beating sounds were all around me now. The jade star burned brighter above me. I could hardly think, let alone move, but I knew I had to get inside. I noticed an outline of something huge, standing not too far from the doorway. I didn’t know what to do at this point, so I clicked on the light of my cell phone and shone it in its direction. The light was weak, so everything was still just shadows. All I could make out was one shining eye, staring back at me. I was filled with sheer terror. I saw a flash above, and a dark circle filled the sky above the trees. I turned the video camera option on the phone on and pointed it up, and the shadowy figure walked toward me. A jade-green beam fired down from above, and I dropped my phone. Life moved in a dream-like slow motion. I was paralyzed and lifted skyward, my body tumbling in the green light. The only thing running through my mind for whatever reason was that I wish I had worn my yellow jacket.