Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 40

“Thud!” I was back inside the ship. The sensor interface had retracted back into the top of the chair. “Squeeeeeeal!” Breathing, tearing metal. I could hear something moving in the ship, rustling across the floor.... But I saw nothing. The sound kept moving suddenly; “hopping” around the ship. The planet – which I now knew to be named Yuggoth – had planted 808 grams of a entity on the ship, and had animated it through contact with my mind. I had a new friend. “Squeeeeeeal!” It hurt my ears. I put my left hand up to the side of my head – it came away bloody. I was now deaf in my left ear. More rustling noises were hopping around the ship, but getting closer to me.... But still I saw nothing. “Squeeeeeeal!” And the rustling was inside my head. *** I.... Am on my way..... Back to Earth now.... Yuggoth inh’rth ggrammhan! Ggrammhan inh’rth Earth!