Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 4

Issue #1 words from the editor I am so pleased to finally be able to present to you the first issue of a long-awaited dream of mine. The idea for Subcutaneous has always been in the back of my mind, churning and bubbling its way to the surface. I just didn't know its name. Subcutaneous spontaneously occurred to me when I finally decided to tune in to the universe's calling for this entity to be created. The original idea was to feature writing and artwork that would "get beneath the skin" far enough to "make your skin crawl," which could be both literal and figurative. This is, and will continue to be, the underlying theme of the magazine while it exists. The first issue, I decided, would be based on a theme near and dear to my own heart: "Your worst nightmare." I realized how subjective this could be and I am thrilled to showcase everyone's version of their own worst nightmare. There are so many. Some of the stories are actually these writers' real nightmares written down after waking -- and that rawness, that truth, is what I present to you here. Artwork that was submitted was rarely based on a story idea, with the exception of Harbingerr's "Pup" which was accompanied by Ryan Laughlin's drawing. That particular artwork was drawn specifically to go with that story. The idea was for each writer and each artist to convey their own worst nightmare, but many common threads were to be found between writer and artist. I matched artwork to stories based on intuition, and I hope you, reader, are able to find the smooth transition in the following pages that I was aiming for. The magazine has evolved into so much more than just a name and an idea. The endeavor has become a part of a collaboration of extremely talented, dedicated and passionate people without which this magazine would never have been possible. Friends jumped in and spread the word and, like a snowball effect, the submissions began to fill my inbox on a daily basis. Subcutaneous Magazine is not just my dream anymore. It also belongs to the people who made this happen. And it belongs to you, reader. Welcome to your worst nightmare. ~Amanda Dickey, Editor Publisher/Executive Editor, Designer: Amanda Dickey Contributing Editor: Budgie Bigelow Contributing Authors: Contributing Artists: Cover Artist: Ashley O’Melia, Ben Clayton, Budgie Bigelow, C.S. Black, Caroline Field, Carrington Opper, Cassandra Collins, Eric C. Friedman, Harbingerr, Jesse Ellyson, Josh Harper, Tony Mazzara Ben Clayton, Edward Carlos, Kissing Corpses Photography, KarshaForever, Somi Benson-Jaja, James Antonio/Oz Photography, Robert Ammons, Antoine Gedroyc, Ryan Laughlin, Carolyn Amanda Photography, Therese Lavery, Tony Maschinot, Dan Moran, Vido Serapio, Manthos Lappos, Tera Lewis Ben Clayton