Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 37

with me? I thought. I decided to stay at home to collect my thoughts and feelings. My head was aching like hell, so I took some medicine to cut the pain. The whole day I by Cassandra Collins watched TV and played games. In the evening, I decided to go to sleep earlier than usual. It was an ordinary night, dark and starless; the kind of What a strange dream, I thought. My arms were night that doesn’t bring about anything special except useless bigger, and I had long fingers and nails. Ridiculous. I thoughts about your past and the people you used to know. was never a fan of long nails. I fell down on my knees. I My friend and I were on a long nighttime ride. He drove one changed shape and it hurt, but not so much. of those old BMW’s every car guy adores. He used to ask: I thought, maybe this isn’t the full transformation. It “What are we going to do now?” all the time. Everything was was just a dream, so I thought I’d try to enjoy it, although pointless, though. Every single day was same old stuff: party- it was strange. My ears caught every single sound, my ing, drinking, using strong language, and acting crazy. Seems nose smelt every single smell, and my eyes saw far, far that we were all are just wasting time. We were ordinary, ahead. I tried to climb the walls of my own house, and simple. I wasn’t born to be like any of them. I succeeded. I had become much stronger, and I felt the BOOM! force spreading through my entire body. Oh, come on man, did we really hit a stray dog? Shit, I heard a noise in the bushes, and I roared from what was this guy even thinking about? Can’t even drive his car the top of my roof. I felt like something from the bushes properly. Useless. was trying to make contact with me. “Do not be afraid,” And of course, he didn’t move his ass out of the car an alien voice said from within my own head. “Yes, I am to see what was going on. Okay, I’m not exactly animal resspeaking to you. We have a telepathic connection, because cue, but I got out of the car to see how bad the situation was. we are the same. I have been trying to find you for so many Once I swung open the passenger side door and got out, I years. I knew your parents; not the ones who adopted and found nothing on the road. I didn’t turn as my friend shouted raised you, but your true parents. You belong to us. We my name like the end of the world was near. carry the wolf gene in our blood, and we pass it on to our The night wore on. children. Didn’t you ever notice that you are much stron “Are you sure there was something behind my back?” I ger, healthier, and cleverer than other girls, Kate? asked. “I don’t think you should drink this much, like really, Your parents passed this unique and ancient gene on Jack. Just stop.” I rolled my eyes like some dramatic actress. to you, and now their gift has finally awakened. I’m sure “I swear, Kate,” Jack said, “it was big and black and you’ve heard stories about werewolves, Kate. That is what covered with fur. It was standing on two feet, and then, just people call us, but we are… how to explain… a special as it ran away, you lost consciousness. I was scared it did breed. We fully understand who we are, what to do, and something to you!” how to control our transformations. All this stuff about the “It did nothing, Jack,” I said, “because there was no full moon is lies. We don’t depend on it; it just makes us one there! Just you and me! And this happened because we stronger. As for now, this is all that you have to know, Kate. were both tired from the meaningless time spent at these I will return tomorrow night. Think about what I have told stupid parties! All this vodka and tequila and weed will lead you. I know it’s hard to believe, but you will, and I will us nowhere. Look, I’m done. Don’t even try to make me go teach you all that I know, I promise. You are a true-born, to one of our friend’s ‘wasted life’ parties ever again! I’ll start Kate. Remember it.” a new life!” I grabbed my bag and left the house, leaving Jack I woke up lying naked in my bed, and it didn’t feel speechless in the middle of the room. nice at all. True-born? Werewolves? Transformations? “Hi there! I’m back!” I shouted as I entered my home. I felt like I needed to find a really good psychologist. I Oh yeah, I thought, I forgot I live alone. I had long since heard some people suffer from nightmares that repeat moved away from my foster parents. continuously, but I never thought I’d be one myself. I I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, so I turned on my really needed to do something with my life. What can be iPod to listen to music, opened my laptop, and started writbetter than simple shopping? ing an article called “How I decided to start my new life” for I cheered up a bit once my shopping was done. my blog. As I typed my opening paragraph, I felt like there On the way back, I saw a dog fighting with another. Even was something outside, just behind my window, watching me now, sitting at home and eating bacon, I can’t explain to with great interest. No, that can’t be true, I thought. It’s just myself what the urge was, but their fight and noise made Jack’s stupid thoughts in my head that never seem to leave me me angry, so I just looked at them and growled. To my alone. greatest surprise, they whined and ran off, and so did the I fell asleep with my laptop open in the middle of lady who was coming down the street in my direction. I writing my article. Voices spoke inside my head while I slept. decided to stay home for the rest of the day and wait until “You are different, and you know it,” they said. “It’s time to night. remember who you are; time to remember who your parents Tonight I will finally figure out if it’s me who has were. I will show you. It has always been in your blood.” gone totally nuts or all of this is happening for real, which I woke up feeling broken. What the heck is wrong is unbelievable… Remembering yourself