Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 3

Table of Contents Fiction 7 "A Nightmare" by Ben Clayton 9 "A Fire Within" by Ashley O' Melia 11 "Pup" by Harbingerr 14 "The Park" by Budgie Bigelow 16 "The Drowning Sound" by Ashley O' Melia 18 "Roast Beef " by Caroline Field 21 "Why I Chose to Stay Behind" by Budgie Bigelow 24 "The Dig" by Tony Mazzara 26 "The Infestation" by C.S. Black 29 "Family Time" by Carrington Opper 35 "Lilu" by Harbingerr 37 "Remembering Yourself " by Cassandra Collins 39 "Planet 'Y'" by Eric C. Friedman 42 "The Laziest Kind of Texting +++" by Josh Harper 45 "Planet of the Dead" by Jesse Ellyson 47 "As We Know It" by Ben Clayton 50 "Footsteps" by Tony Mazzara Features Artwork 5 "Red Gloves" by Therese Lavery (middle left) Untitled by Isaac Mackenzie (upper right) "Lightbringer" by Tony Maschinot (bottom right) "Wormwood Demon" by Vido Serapio (top left) Untitled by Isaac Mackenzie (bottom left) "Twist" by Tony Maschinot (top right) "Heartless" by Tony Maschinot (bottom right) 6 8 Untitled by James Antonio/Oz Photography 10 "Cleansing" by KarshaForever 12 "Pup" by Ryan Laughlin 15 "Remains" by Carolyn Amanda Photography 17 "Mermaid in Goggles" by Edward Carlos 20 "Rain Like Wax" by KarshaForever 23 "The Bedside Lamp" by Dan Moran 25 Untitled by Carolyn Amanda Photography 28 "Slave Girl" by Edward Carlos 30 "Zombie Bride" by Ben Clayton 36 Untitled by Shot by Somi 38 "Song of Silver" by Ben Clayton 41 "Planet X" by Robert Ammons 46 "Bound" by Carolyn Amanda Photography 49 "Thoughts Lingering" by Ben Clayton 52 "Nature's Wrath" by Antoine Gedroyc 53-58 Artwork from "Numb" by Manthos Lappas & Tera Lewis 4 Words from the Editor 5 Haunting Visuals 31-34 Centerfold: Featured Photography by Kissing Corpses Photography 53 Interview with Ben Clayton 59 Cut to Bits: Video Game Reviews by Carrington Opper 61 The Conjuring 2 Review by Caroline Field 63 SubQ Recommends