Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1 - Page 19

space as his glasses were knocked from his face and into his bloody lap. The woman tore off a piece of his skin and began to smack it between her teeth, moaning in pleasure from the taste. The girl screamed from the doorway and ran away. I finally registered her cries as she shouted, “Come on!” I was mesmerized by the horror of what I had just seen, but I obeyed her. I began to follow her but as I was running out, I stopped. I turned back to see the woman smiling at me. With bits of boy staining her teeth and lips, she said in a luminous and beautiful voice: “Time for some roast beef.” Her eyes glittered with triumph as I awoke in my bed, sweating. I could not get back to sleep. I was too freaked out. I didn’t know if what I saw really happened. Who was that woman? Had I traveled to another part of reality? When I went for my next lesson, my friend’s mother gave me a big hug and told me not to be afraid. She had known that something was wrong when I left the other day in the mood that I was in. With pity in her kind eyes, she said that I had been possessed by the woman that had appeared in my dreams, but that the world I was in was a false reality created by the dream woman to scare me and bring me to my lowest point. I had been possessed by her from the moment I had kicked my friend in the balls. Shocked, I asked what I had done to make the woman mad at me. My friend’s mom just shrugged and said, “Caroline, sometimes demons will be jealous of what you have and they will try to take it away from you. All you can do now is pray to God to have this spirit taken away from you so you won’t be plagued by your dreams. If you cannot sleep at night, this woman will take full possession of you. So go pray.” I have been praying every night before I go to sleep now for the past two months, and not once have I had a bad dream. Despite this terrifying ordeal, I continued my training, and I tried to not let it bother me. However, I couldn’t shake the intense cravings I got some days, when all I wanted to eat was roast beef.