Subcutaneous Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 93

I have been practicing Voodoo for three years. This syncretic religion has given me the knowledge and ability to grow spiritually. Prior to my entrance into the world of Voodoo I searched and searched for a spiritual path. I tried evangelical Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. I even looked into Wicca after binge watching "Charmed" and although all of these spiritual paths have redeemable qualities, none of them resonated with me. Then Voodoo found me. It is strange that a religion that is demonized and feared helped me find my place in the universe. Voodoo has made me more accepting of myself and others. It has allowed me to tap into my healing abilities and most importantly it has made me more loving and understanding, but sometimes I still have the urge to stab a voodoo doll. This is the altar for Baron Samedi. He is connected with death and resurrection. He is a powerful magician and healer. The Baron is called when a person is near death and needs a quick healing. On this altar I have placed images of Saint Martin De Porres, the Catholic equivalent of the Baron. The Baron also likes rum with hot peppers and french bread with hot sauce. This is a Voodoo doll of the Baron. I got this from the Rob Zombie Voodoo Shop in New Orleans. Notice that Voodoo dolls are placed on altars, not stabbed repeatedly.