Subcutaneous Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 7

Wiccan Skies Celestial whispers dance around the misty top hills A new dusk shall beckon for an enchantment gathering Wicca skies they fall and surrender Brethrens magic draws the pale moon, ghostly spectre vision of white as a cold sea Enriches the storm bringer as the heavens rain begins to sing A midnight dance of baptism and fire Chariots of the darkness shall race till the golden dawn Awakening the green man, his eyes are ablaze Hands holding hands, flames rise higher spiritual chants and ash smoke choke the mystifying air, shadowed figures in their Celtic attire The welcoming of the eternal sun a hand maiden rhymes a lyrical song soulfully crying, the rebirth has begun daylight dreamers blessed with a forgiving earthly sign sultans of Spring, together in time ©Anthony Crowley 2016 Photographer: Aaron Blackburn