Subcutaneous Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 64

Demoness of the Deep by Dacoda Davis Glistening scales of a diamond face, Demoness Queen of Purgatory’s rift. Watch her crawl, watch her slip, In the cell, this desolate space. Cascading hair as she drifts, Raven eyes, a deadly trip. Watch as she contorts, Her body’s blight. Solidarity’s Hell. Despite any efforts, The Demoness’ sight, Her scrupulous spell. Some may attempt to join, Save her from such shame. The price is nigh, Charon’s obol, a coin, Alas, your life the same. Quickly as the tide. Your soul, she wishes to court, A smile beseeched, Grasp the hand which bides, Nails opaque as bort. Soon your heart shall fall, impeached. The demoness draws you in, For she shall devour your sin. "Demoness of the Deep" Series Photographer: Deeeliteful Images Model/MUAH: Purrversia Riot Horns: Rubie's Earrings: Project Pinup Necklace/Bracelets: Kaotic Rebel Designs Swimwear: Pinup Couture