Subcutaneous Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 3

Words from the Editor 'Tis the best season of all! Happy Halloween, ghouls and boils! I'm happy to proudly present to you the second issue of Subcutaneous Magazine, the Paranormal Issue. Things are definitely getting a little weird around here. With Halloween going on, I expect everyone to be thrilled to have some spooky tales for nights to come. And, as Ministry pointed out in their 1984 hit single, Everday Is Halloween, after all. That's what makes this issue so magical. This issue contains topics ranging from killer wasps to necrophilia to the truth about Voodoo (Vodou) to... JUST READ THE DAMNED ISSUE AND I'LL STOP RUNNING MY MOUTH, WILL YA? The work speaks for itself, and all these talented individuals who helped shape the magazine this season really took it up a notch and are giving me hope for the future. The future of creativity, the future of horror and science fiction, the future of literary and artistic genius and possibilities... Now get a move on and look at the frickin' magazine! They worked their asses off! Bloody kisses, ~Your Crazed, Insomniac Editor~ Amanda Dickey