Subcutaneous Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 19

“Don’t call me that,” I snapped. It had been cute once, but it had lost all of its appeal now. “And you don’t get to decide what I do or don’t do. I mean, I certainly didn’t get to decide whether or not you did that bimbo at the gas station, did I?” Jake began walking around the room, and I knew immediately what he was doing besides just ignoring my question. He liked to pretend that he knew how to be handy, but he couldn’t fix a leaky faucet. He made his way around the room until he was standing by the wall I was working on and bounced up and down on the carpet. “The floors are soft. You can’t stay here, Fee.” I wanted to cry because I knew he was right. This apartment was a miserable little slum. It was probably cold during the winter and blasting hot in the summer. There was no dishwasher and no place for a washer and dryer set. I wasn’t even certain if I’d be able to run the microwave and the television at the same time. There were eighteen-yearolds in college that were living better than I would be. But I couldn’t tell him that, because he would only use it as an excuse to talk me into coming home with him. I jutted out my chin and slung my rag through the bucket of soapy water again. “I like it here.” “No, you don’t.”  He put his arm around me and kissed the side of my neck.   I shoved him aside with my free hand. “Leave me alone, Jake.” “C’mon, baby. I’ve missed you. I miss what we used to be.” He had me in both of his arms now, and I could feel the length of his body pressed against mine. I pushed at him, but he was too strong. “You know you missed me too, Fee. We were good together.” Being with him like that made me want to crawl out of my skin and leave it in a puddle on the floor just as long as I could get away from him. But as that wasn’t an option, I slapped him with the wet rag that was still in my right hand. It splatted dirty water across his cheek, and I took great pleasure from the brown drops that ran down into the collar of his faded black t-shirt. “Uh!  You bitch!” He instantly let go of me and wiped furiously at his face. “What’d you do that for?” I didn’t answer him, but stood with my rag at the ready to swat at him again. It wasn’t that much of a threat, but it was all I really had at the moment. My cell phone was in the kitchen on the complete opposite end of the house, and I didn’t know if my neighbors would hear me if I screamed. I would have to introduce myself to them at some point. Jake finally retreated out of the bedroom and was almost to the door. He suddenly stopped and turned around. “You know what?” His finger was in the air, and he snarled as he pointed it at me. “This was all your fault anyway. If you weren’t such a crazy bitch, you wouldn’t be living in this hellhole!” He ЁЁѡȁ)ͱЁ!́Ё́䁉)Ёѡхȁɕ̰ѡхɍ͔)ͽչ́ѡ՝Ё݅́Ѽѡͥѡ)͔!́ȁȁͱ́ѥɕ́Օ)݅́($)]Ѡͥ$ͅЁѡ݅)$ձeЁٔѕ䁙ѡȁѡɕ)(($$ɕ)յ䁙ȁٕ)ȁѕ))и $)݅́٥)ѡЁٕ䁍)ѡЁݕЁ)Ѽ))ѼٔЁ)ݥѠ)Q)ѱѕɍѥɽ)ɱȁ݅)ѡɕѼѡ)ݸ)Ʌ́ѡ)ɽѕ)ѼٔаЁ$݅́ɕ䁙ȁЁѼݥѠ5)ɥ́ѽѡЁٕՅ䁡ݽձЁٕȁЁ)ٔЁ$ЁѼɥЁܸ($)ٕՅ䰁ѡ՝ѡոͅѡͭхɕ́ѡɕ́ѡЁɽչ)ѡ͔ѡȁݥѕ́ɕɅѕ䁙)ѡ܁Ʌѡͭ䁉ѡ$ͱ)ͥѼɔ䁍ȁ݅́ɽչ)ٽͱѼ͕役݅́݅эQ܁ٕ)ѡЁݕɔѥͽ́ѱ͕́́ѡ)ѡȁɕѡɕѡɽչ䁹ٕ)ݥэݥѠɽ丁$ɕɕѕѡх)Ѽ䃊qߊtѵи($)$ѡȁѡ̰ȁѼ͕ݥѠЁѡݥ̸Q͍Ёձ́Ё啱ݕȁѡɽ̰)ѡ՝ѡѡ͔ձЁɅ͕ݥѠ)ՍЁ݅ѕȁ͵Ё͍ɕѕ٥ͥ)ɍѡͥхѡ٥ɽ]ѠѡѕȁѼ$݅ɕɽɽѼɽ)$ձٔ䁵ѡȁѼ٥є)ٕȰЁ$eЁ݅ЁȁѼ͕ѡ́չѥЁ)ЁЁͱѱ䁱́єյ=ȁ$ձ((0