Subaru Forester Manuals: 2015 Forester Owner's Manual - Page 379

7-36 Starting and operating/Vehicle Dynamics Control system Vehicle Dynamics Control system WARNING Always use the utmost care in driving – overconfidence because you are driving a vehicle with the Vehicle Dynamics Control system could easily lead to a serious accident. CAUTION . Even if your vehicle is equipped with Vehicle Dynamics Control system, winter tires should be used when driving on snow-covered or icy roads; in addition, vehicle speed should be reduced considerably. Simply having a Vehicle Dynamics Control system does not guarantee that the vehicle will be able to avoid accidents in any situation. . Activation of the Vehicle Dynamics Control system is an indication that the road being travelled on has a slippery surface; since having Vehicle Dy- namics Control is no guarantee that full vehicle control will be maintained at all times and under all conditions, its activation should be seen as a sign that the speed of the vehicle should be reduced considerably. . Whenever suspension components, steering components, or an axle are removed from a vehicle, have an inspection of that system performed by an authorized SUBARU dealer. . The following precautions should be observed in order to ensure that the Vehicle Dynamics Control system is operating properly: – All four wheels should be fitted with tires of the same size, type, and brand. Furthermore, the amount of wear should be the same for all four tires. – Keep the tire pressure at the proper level as shown on the vehicle placard attached to the driver’s side door pillar. – Use only the specified temporary spare tire to replace a flat tire. With a temporary spare tire, the effectiveness of the Vehicle Dynamics Control system is reduced and this should be taken into account when driving the vehicle in such a condition. . If non-matching tires are used, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system may not operate correctly. . The Vehicle Dynamics Control system helps prevent unstable vehicle motion such as skidding using control of the brakes and engine power. Do not turn off the Vehicle Dynamics Control system unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must turn off the Vehicle Dynamics Control system, drive very carefully according to the road surface condition. In the event of wheelspin and/or skidding on a slippery road surface and/or during cornering and/or an evasive maneuver, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system adjusts the engine’s output and the wheels’ respective braking forces to help maintain traction and directional control. . Traction Control Function The traction control function is designed to prevent spinning of the driving wheels on