Style to the Aisle Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 - Page 44

LOOKBOOK How have brides changed since you designed your first bridal gown? What piece of advice would you give brides who are trying to find “THE DRESS”? I think brides have changed because the wedding industry has changed. With Pinterest and more wedding blogs, it has opened a brides eyes to much more than what used to just be in magazines. Sometimes this causes there to be too much inspiration and a bride can change her mind more often due to seeing more and more things she likes. It has however broadened the scope in a good way allowing each bride to be very unique and different. Weddings are no longer cookie cutter and traditional. Try on as many different shapes and styles as possible. Even the ones you think you won’t like. You might be surprised and find something totally different than you have envisioned. Also just take 1 or 2 trusted family members or friends when gown searching. It’s hard when too many peoples opinions get involved. How did you get started in fashion? What is the one thing every bride needs? I started when I designed my own wedding gown. I have always loved dresses and pretty clothes, looking at magazines and such. It grew from there. A day of wedding planner. There is so much going on it’s great to know someone other than a family member is in charge and things will run smoothly. How do you define your personal style, and does it play a part in your designs? Can you give your top bridal do & bridal don’t? Do take time to soak it all in on the big day. No matter what goes wrong, know the most important thing is the groom at the end of the aisle. Nothing else matters. Don’t lets others’ opinions dictate your day. It’s your wedding not someone elses. Make it about you and your fiancée. 44 STYLE TO THE AISLE I would say that I am actually way less fashionable in my personal style than I am in my designs. Am I allowed to say that? I’m pretty basic. I will say I like to have some standard pieces and mix in some unconventional and unique ones into it. Most days I’ll be wearing jeans, t-shirt, and boots. I will say I am pretty modest in my day to day dressing and I do translate that onto my gown designs as well. SPRING/SUMMER 2015 45