Style to the Aisle Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 - Page 22

feel like herself, but enhanced.  Brides should also want their future spouses to recognize them (giggle) and know they are marrying the most beautiful girl in the world! I welcome any bride with any vision. It›s always fun to talk about and play with the look and ideas the bride has in her mind! my ultimate «happy place.» In terms of life, after a long day, what do you like to do to unwind? I guarantee you will illuminate your beauty. However, remember to start off with less, which can be conceived as more. You can always you add! After a long day, I love to paint, exercise, and travel (when I have down time). All three of these activities help me unwind and take my mind off long hours, days and weeks. I am blessed that makeup artistry is my passion... Oh and a glass of red wine! What would be one unique thing about you that we may not know about you? One unique thing about me that most people do not know, is that I grew up overseas and moved to the US when I was in my early teens.  I have lived in Italy, Moracco and Puerto Rico.  I also love to surf, which is where I consider  How do you define beauty? I define beauty as looking and feelin g physically attractive. True beauty is about enhancing your natural features.  The key is to take your favorite feature...and enhance it! What kind of makeup trends can we expect for the spring bride? Some Spring trends for 2015: (1) Skin is luminous.  (2) You can expect to see every shade from bronze and golds to purples and lavender shades on the lids and pops of corals and pinks tones on lips.  (3) Cheeks are barely flushed with a bit of shimmer on cheekbones. For all enquiries contact 646-912-9298 Not all brides have the money for professional skin treatments. What are some tricks brides can do at home to help her skin look it’s best on her big day? ww Recommendations for your skin to look and feel great on your wedding day.  Start by eating healthy, drink plenty of water, exfoliate skin twice a week, moisturize daily, exercise, get a good nights sleep and wear SPF daily. STYLE TO THE AISLE   KAREN WILLIS HOLMES 7 Centre Market Place (Between Broome & Grand Streets) New York NY 10013 We need to see some color after a long and cold winter season. Some good habits to start doing from home as a bride to be and a continued regiment after you are the Mrs., 22 EXQUISITE WEDDING GOWNS Check out the website for Stockists across the United States