10 Pinterest Fashion/Style Travel Boards By Courtney Biggs 1 When everything is in place for a trip, the best part is waiting to take off for the excursion. But, there is still packing to do. Sometimes, packing your entire closet seems to be the easiest solution to packing a suitcase, but that is not the way to solve your packing crisis. Inspiration can help in these situations, so here are ten Pinterest boards for travel style that are bound to help with that packing disaster. This board has simple style inspiration so packing can be a breeze. This board also offers fashionable luggage to hold the belongings that you need for your exciting trip. Layouts of what to pack for certain places and travel situations are also included in this board. It is a one-stop, inspiring board for those pesky packing crises. Travel Style Nadia Carriere 2 This board offers packing guides, travel kits, trendy printable maps, and even tips for taking selfies! This board has everything needed for exciting trip extras, and even ideas on how to document the trip after homecoming. This is the ultimate travel style board because it is simple, and to the point. Keep an eye out for that pin of 27 Tips for Traveling in Style. Travel Style Calisea