Because skirts and pants take up more space in luggage, you should only pack up to four tops for every bottom. To make that kind of selection can take longer than expected because it definitely takes a little bit more time to decide what style to choose in the wardrobe to take for your trip. Neutral tones are always a safe choice, and patterns like stripes and polka dots are also great if you are looking for a vintage or a more classical style with a little breath of the 50s. When you go out to visit the city and dine in local restaurants, you should have t-shirt dresses, Do not forget your sunscreen! You want to protect your glowing skin. Pack your favorite scents to remember the moment. One lovely option is Daisy Dreams by Marc Jacobs; it’s a very summery fragrance and smells divine. Set aside your toiletries and other personal items and then..... Photo Credits: Michael Kors : Chanel stripes style : 68 tunics, maxi dresses, and leggings. Your yoga pants can be dressed up at night. Don’t forget to add some accessories such as fancy belts, printed scarves, and fun jewelry such as colorful bracelets and necklaces. If you like hats for summer heat, definitely pack a few! They’re great for style, heat protection, and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You will also need to protect your eyes so take with you some stylish eyeglasses! Always keep them in your handbags when you go sightseeing or for your relaxing moment at the beach.