Keep your identity protected. Remember you are traveling, so don’t spend all of your time in stores. 10 Limit your shopping time because there is so much to see and do while traveling. Shopping while traveling can be luxurious and a lot of fun, but don’t let it take away from your trip. Now, you can have confidence in your travel shopping. A little knowledge about shopping during a trip benefits anybody who wants to bring back a few items from their holiday. Educate yourself about the items you wish to purchase and the places you want to shop. It’s the only way to travel! Keep a close eye on your children, and make it a rule for them to always stand right beside you. If you are traveling with smaller children, it is best to keep them in a stroller. There are times when a child goes missing while traveling, and that is often because the child walks away from the parent. Tell your children that if they see something they want to look at, they must ask you to come with them. It is a safer way to keep track of your child, and for them to enjoy the shopping as well. Photo Credits: 9 8 Not a very fashionable tip, but a useful one. Keep your personal items on hand at all times. Purses can be lost or stolen while traveling, so hold on tight to that handbag. It is also a goo B