3 Research Create a shopping set of questions. Find something timeless Whether you are traveling abroad, or traveling to a neighboring state, it is ideal to purchase something that is timeless. If you are shopping for couture clothing in London or Paris, find something timeless because odds are, you might not be coming back to Europe for a while. Find something that will remind you of your trip, and that will withstand time. Photo Credits: 4 5 While out shopping, ask yourself a few simple questions: why do you like this? Who is it for? Do you need this, or do you want this? Why are you buying it? When asking yourself these questions, it could help you eliminate choices if you have an abundance of items picked out. As human beings, we are natural researchers, especially with all of the portable technology available today. It is important when abroad, or even in a neighboring city, that you research before the shopping begins. Research the type of stores in the area, and what those stores provide. It is also a good idea to keep a list of those stores to make your shopping ventures easier.