STUDENT VOICE Student Voice SPRING SUMMER 2017 - Page 33

On the first day I met the staff* and talked a lot with them about the business and the job itself. I read through a variety of files to further boost my knowledge and understanding of the process. I went to two new build sites, met the women in the site showroom and obtained the required information on completion dates and sold prices. I must have asked a million questions! I’m aware that there’s so much to learn. CAROLE “ I absolutely loved my work placement. It was the best thing I could’ve done. ” I also visited a farm property, which the farmer was selling, and a lovely detached red sandstone house with bags of character. The owner was having an updated Home Report conducted. We conducted another Home Report in a different property, which was empty. Charlie let me open up with the keys and carry THE STUDENT VOICE SPRING/SUMMER 2017 out damp meter tests throughout. I uncovered one area of concern and Charlie agreed with me. This was a fantastic experience and I learnt a lot from Charlie. Charlie always introduced me as “his colleague”, which I appreciated very much. I was sad to leave on my final day. I enjoyed the experience so much and let everyone know my appreciation. I wrote thank you cards to Charlie and Fraser, the partner of the company. Fraser and Charlie gave me great feedback and were very encouraging. Now my focus has sharpened even more, and I just wish I could fast forward several years ahead and be doing the job already! I absolutely loved my work placement. It was the best thing I could’ve done and I’m grateful. *Employer details omitted by request 33