STUDENT VOICE Student Voice SPRING SUMMER 2017 - Page 23

Connaire McLindon, Connect to Careers Michael McLelland, Connect to Enterprise Frances Smilie, Transition to College I’ll be doing shot put and discus. Red Star, my club, chose me because of my performance - I’m top of the rankings for my age group. So I’ll be competing for the west of Scotland. I’m excited about going to the Special Olympics. I’m going for a medal. I hope I can go fast in such a big event. The reason I took up swimming was because I realised my stamina wasn’t the best, so I’ve increased my stamina thanks to swimming. I’ve been swimming for a while. My best stroke is probably the breast stroke. I have accumulated loads of medals and in 2014 I won a Young Athlete award. I’ll be playing tennis at the Special Olympics, representing the west of Scotland. I’ve been playing for quite a long time. I got a letter saying that I was in the team, I think the club that I played for put me forward. I picked up these disciplines through my athletics coach. They advised me that I’d be good at throwing, so they put me in touch with a coach in Shettleston. I’ve been with him for two years and he’s made me really good. I like trying different things. At first I was a runner, but shot put and discus are better for me as I get to show my strength. I cannot wait. I’m hoping to get a personal best and a medal. I’ve been to the Special Olympics before, in 2013, so I know what to expect. I’m helping my team mates understand what it’s all about. I swim for the Kilmarnock Jets every week. They chose me to go to the Special Olympics and I think it could be a good opportunity for me to show how fast I have become. When I swim, everything around me just goes blank. It’s just me swimming and there’s nothing else to think about. I practise once a week at the Prestwick Tennis Club. In the run-up to the Olympics that will probably increase. I get coaching there and I think the best part of my game is probably my return. I’m just looking forward to appearing at the Olympics. It would also be good to win a medal if possible. It’ll be good to be part of the team. Keep up to date on our students' progress by connecting with us on social media. THE STUDENT VOICE SPRING/SUMMER 2017 23