STUDENT VOICE Student Voice SPRING SUMMER 2017 - Page 19

Students promote good health Autism awareness THE INCLUSIVE LEARNING TEAM HAS BEEN RAISING AWARENESS OF AUTISM TO STUDENTS AND STAFF MEMBERS. Virtual reality demonstrations provided by the College’s Learning Technologists used an app to show what it is like to live with autism, while pledge boards were on each campus for us to sign and promise to be understanding towards every student. Students were invited to take part in an Easter Treasure Hunt at the Kilwinning Campus, organised by Routes to Careers: Retail and Routes to Careers: IT, with all proceeds going to Scottish Autism. Another group of students in Kilwinning have ambitious plans to raise awareness and money for autism charities. NC Social Sciences students will soon be climbing Ben Nevis for charity. Working with Scottish Fire and Rescue WE HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH FIREFIGHTERS FROM AYR COMMUNITY FIRE STATION TO CREATE A REALISTIC ROAD TRAFFIC COLLISION (RTC) BETWEEN TWO CARS, WITH MULTIPLE CASUALTIES INVOLVED. Footage of the mock collision was recorded by the College’s Learning Technology department using a 360 degree camera. The footage allows Care students to carry out an assessment on first aid and the treatment of injuries sustained in the RTC scenario. Students are able to watch the incident using virtual reality goggles and comment on what actions they would carry out. Acting students from the College adopted the role of casualties and were provided with realistic looking injuries by students from make- up artistry courses. Applied for next year’s course yet? WWW.AYRSHIRE.AC.UK THE STUDENT VOICE SPRING/SUMMER 2017 19