STUDENT VOICE Student Voice SPRING SUMMER 2017 - Page 11

13,000 new jobs in Scotland require digital skills each year set to increase by 2,000 every year as growth accelerates expedition, showcasing the latest innovations, a Coderdojo session offering an introduction to coding, and data doctor clinics for 1-1 discussions on data issues. Digital technologies are changing the world The main speaker at the conference, Gillian Docherty, Chief Executive of The Data Lab, said: “We are at the beginning of the data revolution: data innovation is disrupting all areas of our lives from business to public services and beyond. “Scotland is a world-leader in data science and, in launching DataFest17, we will promote and grow our position on the international stage. The potential benefit of data to Scotland is colossal and by awakening business and the public to the possibilities of data, we can create significant social and economic impact.” Over 73,000 people work in digital or ICT jobs Craig Hume, Utopia Over 84,000 people expected to be employed in digital or ICT jobs by 2020 “ It can be scary but i think we have to welcome the changes in digital technology. ROSS KILPATRICK - STUDENT Median earnings for digital and ICT jobs are Ross Kilpatrick, Student ” THE STUDENT VOICE SPRING/SUMMER 2017 £38,500 to watch our event video Higher than Scottish average of £25,500 11