Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2018-08-20 - Page 25

actions warrant immediate expulsion, as determined by the Principal. The student and his parents or guardians have the right to appeal the decision of expulsion. This request must be made in writing to the Principal within five (5) business days of the date of the Principal’s decision. Parents/guardians forfeit the right to an appeal if the written appeal is not made within this time frame. The appeals team is convened within five (5) business days of receipt of the parents/guardians written request. Their purpose is to review the decision that resulted in expulsion. The student and his parent/guardian may not speak in front of the appeals team. The recommendation of the appeals team and the action taken will be communicated to the Principal by the Dean of Student Formation. The Principal of the school retains the right to accept or decline the recommendation. The final action will be documented and placed in the student’s file with a copy mailed to the parents/guardians. I. IPAD/MOBILE DEVICE ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY Brother Rice High School is committed to student use of technology as a tool to expand learning opportunities and conduct scholarly research. The use of technology facilitates global collaboration—a vital skill for 21 st century learners. Students at Brother Rice utilize iPad, Internet, and other technology resources, which are provided strictly for educational use consistent with the school’s educational goals. Along with the opportunity this provides, comes responsibility. This Acceptable Use Policy is designed to give the student and the students’ family, as well as others on campus, clear and concise guidelines regarding the appropriate use of Technology. The underlying premise of this policy is that all members of the Brother Rice community must uphold the values of honesty and integrity. We expect our students to exercise good judgment and to utilize technology with integrity. E-mail          The use of e-mail during class is prohibited unless authorized by faculty or staff. Students should always use appropriate language in their e-mail messages. E-mail services provided by the school are to be used only for the exchange of appropriate information. No inappropriate e-mail will be tolerated, including derogatory, obscene, or harassing messages. E-mail messages of an abusive or harassing nature will be regarded as a major violation and will be subject to a disciplinary response. Students are prohibited from accessing anyone else’s e-mail account. E-mail etiquette should be observed. Email messages may be monitored and reviewed by the school. Email messages should be reflective of the values and mission of Brother Rice as determined in the sole judgment of the Administration. Only approved e-mail programs may be used for student e-mail. School e-mail addresses should only be used for academic and/or school-related reasons. Only school-related attachments may be sent on the school e-mail system. Chatting and Blogging  Instant messaging is prohibited on campus except as part of an assigned, in-class activity that is supervised by faculty or staff.  Blogging may be utilized on campus only for academic purposes.  Participation in chat rooms is prohibited during the school day, except as part of an assigned, in-class activity. Audio and Video  Audio should be turned off unless required for the activity being conducted.  Students may listen to music when appropriate and have been given permission to. In these instances, headphones must be used and music must be at a reasonable volume.  When sound is needed, headphones must be used.  The use of the apple iPad to watch movies, unless assigned by a teacher, is not permitted during the school day.  Any audio or video recording may be done only with prior permission of all parties being recorded and with the approval of the administration.  Sharing of music (including iTunes music sharing) over the school network is strictly prohibited and is subject to disciplinary action. Games    The playing of game apps is only permitted during non-class times unless part of an assigned, in-class activity or permission from the teacher has been given. Games must be school appropriate and not go against the school’s mission. Brother Rice reserves the right to remove any game apps from a school iPad that is considered inappropriate or impedes the educational purpose of the Apple iPad program, as determined by the administration. Apple iPad  Student iPads must not be left unattended at any time. If an iPad is found to be unattended, it will be turned in to the Technology Department.  Brother Rice is not responsible for theft or loss.  The iPad must be in a student’s possession or secured in a locked classroom or locker at all times.  A student may not lend his Apple iPad to another student.  A student may not borrow an iPad from another student.  The iPad must be carried and transported appropriately on campus in the school-issued protective casing. Failure to do so could damage the device and result in permanent loss of data.  The iPad should be handled with care. Inappropriate treatment of the school iPad is not acceptable.  Do not remove, move or write on the identification sticker on your iPad.  Students are not allowed to create any administrative passwords on their Apple iPads.  Students are expected to come to school with a fully charged battery on a daily basis. 22