Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2018-06-27 - Page 16

9. School Mass and Retreats Participation in school retreats and at Mass is an integral part of the formation of the Brother Rice student and therefore attendance and participation is required. Students who arrive to school after the bell must report to the Attendance Officer for an Admit Slip. A student may be late to school for any reason four (4) times per quarter before any consequence is assigned. On the fifth and sixth tardy to school, the student will be issued a detention and will be excluded from his first period. It is his responsibility to make up any/all missed work. Students will not be allowed to sign out of school prior to a Mass or school-wide assembly. 10. 11. 12. 13. Field Trips Students approved to attend a field trip must present a completed official permission form to the sponsoring teacher before the posted deadline. The permission form must be signed by the parent/guardian and by the teachers whose classes will be missed. Parental/guardian permission to attend off-campus events will not be accepted over the telephone or via e-mail. College Visits Students are encouraged to schedule visits to prospective universities or colleges during Brother Rice school holidays. Written verification of the visit is required from the admission office of the school visited and must be turned into the Dean of Student Formation upon the student’s return otherwise the absence will not be excused. College visits may not be excused for the purpose of exam exemptions and may not be taken during the month of May. The number of visits that may be excused are based on grade level and any beyond the guidelines may be considered an unexcused absence. • For Sophomores, one (1) college visit will be excused; • For Juniors, three (3) college visits will be excused; • For Seniors, five (5) college visits will be excused Signing In or Out of School a. After classes have begun a student must sign in with the Attendance Officer anytime he arrives on campus. b. Students will not be permitted to leave prior to the end of the school day without written permission and a dismissal pass. c. Any time a student leaves campus prior to the end of the school day, he must sign out with the Main Office. A student will not be allowed to leave campus unless he has parental/guardian permission to do so. If their schedule allows, students cannot be excused early without a release form on file with the Dean of Student Formation. d. Students will not be allowed to sign out of school prior to a Mass or school-wide assembly. e. Students must be signed out in the Main Office by their parent/guardian. The school will not release a student to anyone other than the individual(s) named in the student’s record. Driving students must sign out in the Main Office. Students Becoming Ill at School a. If a student becomes ill during the school day, he should report to the Attendance Officer and check in with the Attendance Officer. b. If it is deemed the student is too ill to return to class, the school will contact the parent/guardian promptly. Medication will only be dispensed by Brother Rice through the Attendance Officer with written permission by the parents/guardians and a signed doctor’s note. See the Student Health section for information. 14. Lateness Lateness affects not only the student who is late, but also has a negative effect on learning environment the teachers are creating and everyone within that environment. Students are expected to be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings otherwise may be considered late. If a student is late to school seven (7) times in a quarter, the student will be excluded from his first period, assigned a Saturday Detention, and a mandatory parent/guardian meeting will be scheduled. On the eighth (8) late, and all subsequent tardies, the student will be excluded from his first period, receive no credit for that day’s classwork, and may be assigned additional consequences. It is the student’s responsibility to know how many times they have been late to school. Failure to comply with the Lateness Policy may result in a Saturday Detention being assigned. For periods other that first period, if a student is late to class, they may be issued a detention. If a student missing more than 20 minutes of any class period for any reason, it will be recorded as an absence by the Dean’s Office. Reasoning and documentation will determine the type of absence. 15. Perfect Attendance A student is considered to have perfect attendance if: • The only missed school days are due to school approved events 16. Visitors on Campus Students are not allowed to have visitors on campus without prior approval from the Dean of Student Formation. Authorized visitors must check in with the Main Office upon arrival at Brother Rice. Alumni interested in visiting the school should contact Mr. Dan McGrath at 248.833.2016 or B. DRESS CODE AND GROOMING REQUIREMENTS The dress code and grooming of students shall reflect modesty and good taste and shall not be disruptive of the classroom atmosphere or educational program of the school. Final judgment on any questions of appearance and the interpretation of the dress code and grooming requirements will be made by the Dean of Student Formation. At the discretion of the Dean, a student who is in viola- tion of these requirements may not attend class and may be sent home or a parent/guardian may be called to bring proper attire. No refund will be given to any student who is asked to leave a Brother Rice function due to violation of dress code and/or grooming. Dress Code 1. Students must be in possession of a current student ID card at all times and must surrender it to a faculty or staff member if asked to. Broken or lost ID cards must be replaced at the student’s cost. 2. Conservative dress pants are to be worn at the natural waistline. Torn or frayed pants are not permitted. The pant leg of the pants may not have an elastic cuff and must be hemmed so that the heel of the shoe is visible. Pants may not be rolled or folded. 13