Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 8

Although best remembered for his dedication to teaching young boys, Edmund Rice also ministered to the imprisoned, opened a homeless shelter, and instituted an adult education program. Pope Pius VII gave papal approval to the Congregation in 1820. Edmund took the name of Brother Ignatius, and in 1822, Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice was elected the first Superior General of the new congregation. Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice died on August 29, 1844, at Mount Sion, Waterford. On April 2, 1993, His Holiness Pope John Paul II formally declared Br. Edmund Ignatius Rice to be Venerable. He was beatified in Rome on October 6, 1996. CONGREGATION OF CHRISTIAN BROTHERS Members of the Congregation of Christian Brothers (“Irish Christian Brothers”) are those spiritual sons of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice who are devoted to the Christian education of youth. The word “Christian” implies that they are doing the work of Jesus Christ, who began “to do and to teach.” As Brothers they are spiritually united, working as a team, praying, and living together in family unity. Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice founded the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Ireland. The Congregation, however, soon spread to other countries. The Brothers, particularly in the United States, are descendants of many nationalities. As a result, in 1966, the Congregation officially changed its name to the Congregation of Christian Brothers in order to better reflect its international character. The Brothers are lay religious, with vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Their first duty is their own personal sanctification. Each day, time is allotted for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reading. The Brothers’ education extends throughout a lifetime. The Brothers in educational ministries are in a position to give their full time attention to the education of their students. Today, with headquarters in Rome, more than 1,000 Brothers staff schools in Ireland, England, Australia, New Guinea, India, Africa, Canada, and several South American countries, as well as in the United States. In 2005, the Brothers celebrated one hundred-twenty five years of service in North America. The Brothers of Brother Rice are members of the North American Province (district) which conducts schools in Canada and the United States as well as ministries in South America and the Caribbean. BROTHER RICE HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION School History Brother Rice is a private, fully accredited, four-year Catholic college preparatory high school. It is an independent Michigan corporation (Christian Brothers of Michigan, Inc.) that is sponsored by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, founded in 1802 by Blessed Edmund Rice, after whom the school is named. During the late 1950s, three laymen, Mr. John O’Hara, Mr. Bob Ryan, and Mr. Bob Cronin, recognized the need for Catholic high schools in the growing northern suburbs of Detroit. With the assistance of the pastors of the neighboring parishes, St. Bede, St. Columban, Holy Name, St. Hugo of the Hills, and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, and with the moral and financial support of the parishioners, the Archdiocese of Detroit was approached. Edward Cardinal Mooney, Archbishop of Detroit, asked the Congregation of Christian Brothers to come to Birmingham, and Brother Rice opened its doors in the fall of 1960. Faculty All are committed to educate students in the ideals of Catholic education. All Brother Rice teachers are certified to teach and have a great passion for their content area. Colors The official school colors are black and orange. In an effort to avoid duplicating the school colors of other area boys’ schools, Br. Hueller, the first Principal, chose the present colors in 1960. School Seal The school seal is enclosed within a double circle which is symbolic of the eternity of God. Placed between the outer and inner circles are the names of the school and city and state in which it is located. Prominent within the circles is a Celtic cross with Celtic interlacing, symbolic of the origin of the Congregation of Christian Brothers who form part of the staff of the school. Across the top of the inner circle above the Celtic cross is the Latin inscription “Sanctitas Per Scientiam” meaning “Holiness through Knowledge”. At the bottom of the inner circle is the year the school was founded. Within the center of the seal is a book with the Greek letters “Alpha” and “Omega” – the beginning and the end – an ancient symbol for Jesus Christ. School Logo and Nickname The school logo is the Warrior Head and nickname is the Warriors. In 1969, the late Mr. Sheldon Brodley, a football coach and longtime friend of Brother Rice, asked Jack Flechsig, Art Director for WXYZ-TV, to design a new logo. No variation of this trademarked logo is allowed, and only this logo may be used on the back of the official Brother Rice leather-sleeved jacket. School Song “Hail our Warriors. Hats off to thee. To our colors, true we will ever be. Orange and black, united we stand. Working ever… Failing never… Pulling for our team together Warriors we think you’re grand G-R-A-N-D … Grand!” ENROLLMENT Brother Rice High School provides an Edmund Rice education to the young men of Metro Detroit and its surrounding communities. Ninth grade applicants must complete an application, take the HSPT entrance exam, and interview with the Director of Enrollment. A committee evaluates each applicant and make the admissions determination. Students who are denied admission, may submit an appeal (contact the Directo "`F֗762f"&Rf&FG&6fW"7GVFVG2W7B6WFRƖ6F&fFR7W'&VBG&67&BƗ7Bb6W'6W2B7FF&FVBFW7B66&W2&FW"F&R66FW&VBf"F֗767GVFVG2v&RFVV@\*