Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 4

BROTHER RICE HIGH SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT Brother Rice High School is a Catholic College Preparatory School for young men. Inspired by the Essential Elements of a Christian Brother Education, the school fosters the spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical development of its students. The Brother Rice community promotes excellence through an environment conducive to lifelong personal growth, responsible moral choices and critical thinking. In light of the Mission Statement, a Brother Rice graduate will ideally do the following:  Develop a personal spirituality based on Catholic teaching that encourages active participation in a community of faith.  Cultivate continuing intellectual curiosity through the use of critical and analytical interaction with his environment and culture.  Make healthy life choices that enhance physical and emotional wellbeing for himself and others.  Exhibit personal and social responsibility as a member of the global community.  Pursue leadership roles and willingly accept the accompanying authority and responsibility.  Recognize and respect the dignity of each person and value the cultural diversity of society.  Demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for the various forms the Arts and Science. THE PRINCIPAL’S PREROGATIVE Notwithstanding any provision of the Student/Parent Handbook, in all matters that relate to the health, safety and welfare of any student or employee of Brother Rice, the good name and reputation of the school, or the security of the school, the Principal of Brother Rice High School reserves the right to take any action they deem appropriate to preserve and protect the best interests of the Brother Rice Community. Brother Rice High School admits young men of any race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin. Brother Rice does not dis 7&֖FRFR&62b&6R6"7&VVB&VƖvF"WF2&vG2&w&2"7FfFW2W"VGV6F֗762F6&RFPvBWw2bW7W26&7BvFWfW'7GVFVBbW"VGV6F7FfFW2BvP&WV&RWfW''&FW"&6R7GVFVBFgVǒ'F6FRW"6FƖ2VGV6F7W'&7VVFV662&Vv&FrF֗766FV֖2&w&W727W'&7VVw&FRWfV@677&6VVBF66ƖRB'F6F'&FW"&6R&w&2 WG&7W'&7V"7FfFW2&RBFR6RF67&WFbFR66ࠐ*