Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 31

S TUDENT /P ARENT H ANDBOOK A CKNOWLEDGEMENT Student’s Name:_________________________________ Year of Graduation:_____________ We have read the provisions of the Brother Rice Student/Parent Handbook, especially the provisions presented in the Student Regulations and Parent/Guardian Information sections. We understand that these school regulations, policies, and procedures have been adopted to fulfill the requirements of the Brother Rice High School Mission Statement, as it is presented at the beginning of the Handbook, to foster “the spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and physical development of its students” and to promote “excellence through an environment conducive to lifelong personal growth, responsible moral choice, and critical thinking”. We understand, therefore, that the provisions of the Student/Parent Handbook are intended to benefit the entire school community by creating a positive learning atmosphere and an environment of mutual respect for the rights of others. By enrolling our son at Brother Rice High School, we agree to cooperate with the school’s administration, faculty, and staff to ensure that our son complies with all of the provisions of the Handbook and with any other regulation or policy which is now in effect or which may become effective during his term of enrollment at Brother Rice High School. Being the most important persons in our son’s life, we realize that our influence on him is vital if he is to conduct himself as an upright young gentleman who contributes positively to the orderly and peaceful atmosphere at Brother Rice High School by respecting himself, his peers, the faculty and staff, and the fine reputation of his school. ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________ Parent/Guardian Printed Name Parent/Guardian Signature Date ___________________________ ______________________________ _____________ Parent/Guardian Printed Name  Parent/Guardian Signature Date I agree to respect and honor the standards of discipline and to adhere to the Student Regulations outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook.  I acknowledge that I am responsible for my actions.  I promise to respect the rights of my peers to learn in a safe and positive environment.  I promise to respect the rights of the faculty and staff to perform their duties. ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________ Student Printed Name Student Signature Date 28