Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 29

 B. C. designated area and follow all directions of the adults in that area. Students will be notified once it is safe to re-enter the buildings. Students are to return to class in complete silence. Tornado  At the announcement of a tornado, all students are to assume silence and are to maintain that silence throughout the emergency.  Students are to move to the hallways quickly and quietly.  Students should sit crouched against and facing the wall away from windows, glass and swinging doors.  Persons in the cafeteria should proceed to the bookstore hallway.  Persons outside must immediately return to the building and move to the nearest shelter area.  No one w ill leave the shelter area until the "all clear" is sounded. Power and/or Communication Failure  In the event there is a loss of power and/or communication, students are to assume complete silence until given further instructions by the teacher.  D. Students are to remain where they are until given instructions to move to the next class or to some other area. Secure Mode Activated only by the Principal or Administrator in charge, Secure Mode indicates a situation in the neighboring area that requires all students, faculty, staff and visitors to remain inside the school. Specifics of this are not published for safety reasons. E. Code Red (Lockdown) Procedures Activated only by the Principal or Administrator in charge, Code Red indicates an emergency that requires all areas of the school to be secured (locked in/locked down). Specifics of this are not published for safety reasons. F. Inclement Weather Policy During hazardous weather conditions, the decision to close Brother Rice High School will rest with the Principal. Parents will be notified through an automated alert system and local news and radio stations will be notified. The interpretation and enforcement of disciplinary policies included in this handbook are at the discretion of the Administration. The Principal is the final recourse and reserves the right to amend this handbook at any time. Parents/guardians will be given prompt notification. By assuming the status of a Brother Rice High School student, I am aware of my commitments and responsibilities as a representative of Brother Rice High School and our community. I accept and understand the impact of my actions and behaviors at all times, and how these actions and behaviors reflect upon our school and community as a whole. I will do all that I can through my words and actions to support the fine tradition for which the Brother Rice community stands. 26