Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 27

        including all disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Violation of any aforementioned policy may result in individualized password protected restrictions being placed on student device for an extended period of time as determined by the administration. These consequences apply to students participating in the iPad program at Brother Rice as well as to students who are using the school’s iPads on campus. Any iPad with illegal or inappropriate apps or materials on it will be reformatted or “re- imaged” and the student will be charged a fee. In the case of repeated iPad abuse and/or damages, Brother Rice has the right to revoke the use of the school’s Apple iPad and the student will be restricted to using it only on- campus. Repeated Acceptable Use Policy offenses or iPad abuses may lead to the loss of a student’s privilege of using an iPad on campus. Students are to report any known violations of this policy to appropriate administrative staff members. Random checks of student iPads may be conducted throughout the year to ensure that these policies are being followed. Brother Rice takes no responsibility for activities conducted on the iPads, for materials stored on the iPad or on the school’s network. Brother Rice reserves the right to contact law enforcement when it believes a law has been broken. Students with repeated Acceptable Use Policy violations may, at the discretion of the administration, have password protected iPad restrictions placed on their dev