Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 20

policy for some or all of the school year and no refund will be provided for the purchase of the Parking Permit. Cheering/Fan Behavior The student section at Brother Rice events is a source of great pride to the community and support for the teams. Behavior at events, whether on campus or not, must be consistent with the school’s mission statement as the students are representatives of Brother Rice High School. Any verbal, written or physical conduct related to race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion shall not be tolerated. Any student displaying any of the aforementioned, or any other topic deemed inappropriate, toward their own school and/or athletes, the competing school and/or athletes and/or event’s officials will be removed from the event and face disciplinary action upon returning to school up to and including expulsion. Restricted Areas Athletic Areas: Due to possible injury or damage to property, students are not to be in the Atrium, gym, weight room, athletic fields, and/or locker room without faculty or staff supervision. Boiler Room: Fire regulations prohibit students from having access to the boiler room and therefore students are not to use the doors which adjoin this area at any time. Marian/St. Regis/Other Schools: Brother Rice students may go to Marian for any classes they attend there. However, at other times, they should not be in Marian, St. Regis or any other school before, during or after the school day. Failure to comply may result in suspension. If serious business must be conducted, written permission must be obtained from the Dean of Student Formation. The Marian parking lot and the grassy area between Marian and Brother Rice are included in the restricted area. Other: Students may not be out of the classroom in hallways, bathrooms, the cafeteria, the ARC, or elsewhere in the building without permission. Theft Theft is a violation of the trust on which a Christian community depends. Theft of school property, of faculty or staff member’s property or a fellow peer’s property may result in immediate expulsion. Students possessing property not belonging to them, especially stolen property, may face consequences for theft. Although theft is contrary to the values of Brother Rice High School teaches and expects, students must take precautions against theft on campus. Brother Rice High School is not responsible for student’s lost or stolen property. Fighting Any actions that endanger or threatens to endanger any member of the Brother Rice community are clearly contrary to the ideals of an Edmund Rice education. Any student who engages in fighting or physical threats may face serious disciplinary action including Saturday Detention, required counseling, suspension, up to and including expulsion. Weapons and Dangerous Items Students may not use, possess, conceal, sell, distribute or bring on to Brother Rice property or to any school-sponsored activity any materials or items that are dangerous, illegal, inappropriate or disruptive to the educational process or to any athletic or school- sponsored activity. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: illegal drugs (including prescribed and over-the-counter medications used in an inappropriate manner), alcohol, firearms, a knife with a blade three inches or longer, dagger, box cutter or similar item and explosives. Use of any weapon or similar item in a threatening or assaulting manner is strictly prohibited and any weapons, drugs or dangerous items will be confiscated by Brother Rice. Possession, use, sale, or distribution of a toy weapon, a look- alike or replica of a weapon or dangerous item is prohibited except with the prior approval by the Principal for appropriate educational use. The decision whether items are dangerous, inappropriate, disruptive or are used in a threatening or assaulting manner is within the sole discretion of the school. Violation of this will result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, law enforcement involvement and full compliance with any mandatory reporting obligations. In an effort to maintain a safe environment for students, Brother Rice also requires that parents/guardians or visitors refrain from carrying or bringing weapons, concealed or open carried, or other dangerous materials onto school property or to school-sponsored events. Searches in School Buildings or on School Property The school administration retains control over lockers and desk space loaned to students and regulates admission and parking of automobiles on school grounds. Therefore, if there is reasonable suspicion that drugs; weapons; dangerous, illegal, or prohibited matter; or stolen goods are likely to be found, the Principal and/or designee has the right and duty to inspect and search student lockers, desks, book-bags, personal electronic devices and student or non-student automobiles. The school Principal and/or designee, in exercise of the school's duty to enforce school discipline and to protect the health and safety of the student body, also has the right and duty to search a student's person if there is a reasonable degree of suspicion that drugs; weapons; dangerous, illegal, or prohibited matter; or stolen goods are likely to be found on the student's person. All items or goods of search may be turned over to the police, resulting in possible criminal or juvenile court prosecution. D. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Respect, Integrity, Character and Excellence are keys to true learning and are the foundation of a Brother Rice Catholic education. Brother Rice strives to build a com չ䁽Ёѡ)ݥЁՑЁٕЁٔѼȁхɑ́)Mѥх́AȁMѥ!́ѡɽ՝-ݱMՑ)ݡЁɕͥ䁙ȁɕѥєѕɥ)ݥЁȁѥ) ɽѡȁI!Mɕեɕ́ɕѼѡ)хɑ́ՍЁɄɥձȁ̸)Q͔хɑ́ՑѡхѥѡЁՑЁݥ)͡丁ᅵ́͡䁥Ց)ЁɔЁѕѼѡݥѥ٥ѥ(ĸ)QɕЁȁݽɬѡЁ́ЁéݸȁѕѥѼ)ͼ(ȸ)ݥѡȁՑЁѼéݸݽɬ́̽)ݸ(̸) չѥݥѠѡȁՑаͥ䁽ȁ٥)ɽɥ䁅͕͵Ѐѕаե)ͥՅѥ(и)I她ȁѥɵѥͥ䁽ȁ٥ɽ)Ё͕͵и(Ը)Uͥչѡɥ镐хѕɥ̀ձѽ̰)ѕ̰ь͕͵ЁͥՅѥݥѡЁЁɥ)ɽمɽѡѕȸ(ظ)%ѕѥ䁽ѥɵѥ(ܸ)ѼɕЁՑ́́ݥѹ͕)ѡɕѥ٥ѥ̸)Q͍ݥɅ䁥Ёѡݥѕ̰Ё́ѡ)ɥЁѼͭɝȁѕȁѕ́ݡɔɽɥє)ɔѼɔѼѡ%ѕɥ䁕хѥ́ݥɕձ))Ё=͔ɼѡͥаɕнՅɑ)хЁMɑ䁑ѕѥ)M=͔ɼѡͥаĤ)䁥͍ͥݼݕ͍́)AɽѥݡՑЁ́ѼɕɸѼ)͍)Qɐ=͔ձͥɽ ɽѡȁI!M(