Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 18

parents/guardians of the school’s expectations and requirements with regard to student conduct and the consequences for misconduct. No further warnings should be needed or given.   According to the standards, policies and expectations of Brother Rice High School, the behaviors are deemed unacceptable and subject to consequences befitting the severity of the violation imposed by the Dean of Student Formation. These consequences include detentions, Saturday detentions, suspensions and/or expulsion as determined by the Principal, as well as any other appropriate consequence for the infraction. This list of behaviors is not intended to be all-inclusive, but is intended to provide examples of unacceptable behavior. Minor Infractions The following list of actions are examples of minor infractions and is not an all-inclusive list. Students may face consequences including, but not limited to, detention(s) and/or Saturday dete