Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 17

Bookstore has approved quarter zips for sale. Solid color vests may be worn over a solid- colored dress shirt so long as the vest is not of an outerwear/jacket material. The student’s dress shirt must be fully tucked in and tie be visible. Sweaters, quarter zips, and vests with a hood may not be worn. S weatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, coats, and jackets may not be worn in the school building during regular school hours. 9. Before October 1 st and after the Founder’s Day Mass in May, students may wear the required dress shirt without a tie or may wear a white or solid-color Polo-style/golf shirt. As with the regular dress shirt, the Polo-style/golf shirt must be fully tucked into a pair of dress pants and the collar must be worn in the down position. Dress code expectations from the waist down remain the same. 10. Hats, hoods, caps, bandanas, etc. are not to be worn in the building. 11. Clothing that advertises or displays alcoholic beverages or makers, obscenities, sex, drugs, represents disloyalty to our Church or country, or denigrates any individual or class of individuals is prohibited. Mass Days On days when Mass is celebrated, students are expected to wear a white dress shirt with a regular fold-down collar with a Brother Rice tie from the Bookstore. Spirit Days To promote the spirit and pride of Brother Rice High School, students are encouraged to wear Brother Rice t-shirts, Polo-style shirts and sweatshirts on Fridays. Sprit wear must be of Brother Rice and may not be covered by another garment. Dress code expectations from the waist down remain the same. Jackets or coats, Brother Rice or not, may not be worn. Dress Down Days To raise money for school clubs and extra- curriculars, dress down days will be held on designated days where students, faculty and staff may purchase a ticket and dress down on the sanctioned day. A student who has purchased a ticket to support the featured club is permitted to wear school- appropriate clothing that fits the current season’s weather. Students may not wear pajamas, costumes, etc. Auction Items At the auction, a parent/guardian may purchase an item allowing a student to forgo the standard dress code for a day determined by the Dean of Student Formation.  No Tie For Your Guy: A student does not need to wear a tie. All other dress code regulations apply  Casual Guy: A student may dress in the Dress Down Day guidelines Grooming 1. Hair shall be well groomed and of a length so that the natural lay of the hair does not touch the collar of the uniform shirt in the back and does not touch the eyebrows in the front. The length, consistency of length and overall neatness and appearance are the main criteria. Pony tails, beads, rubber bands, hair ties, other accessories, etc. are not permitted. No extreme hairstyles or hairstyles that draw undue attention to the student are permitted such as mohawks, mullets, lines shaved in the hair, dyes, highlights, etc. Haircut sweeps will be conducted in addition to daily spot checks to ensure compliance. Students determined to need a haircut will be given three (3) calendar days to get a haircut and report to the Dean of Student Formation for inspection. Failure to do so will result in detention. Continued disregard for the hair policy may result in Saturday detention up to and including suspension. 2. Students are to be clean-shaven at all times: no beards, mustaches or sideburns extending below the bottom of the earlobe are allowed. Students needing a shave will be provided shaving materials, will shave and will receive a detention. Subsequent offenses will result in Saturday Detention. Meeting the dress code and grooming requirements sloppily does not constitute compliance. In all matters regarding the appearance of students, the decision of the Dean of Student Formation is final. C. STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT Brother Rice students are accountable for the Student Code of Conduct at all times, on and off campus. They must understand that their conduct is a reflection of them self, their family and the school community. Moral and courteous behavior, therefore, is expected not only in the classroom and hallways of the school, but also in the immediate neighborhood, on school buses and at all school functions, whether on or off campus. In keeping with the philosophy that a school is as good as the reputation of its students, disciplinary action up to and including expulsion may be implemented in response to any off campus behavior that would discredit the good name of Brother Rice High School. Repeated minor infractions, normally considered as single- detention offenses, may result in multiple detentions, Saturday detentions, suspensions up to and including expulsion. Whenever a student commits a disciplinary infraction, it is entered into the student’s disciplinary record together with the assigned consequence for that infraction. The nature, severity and number of instances the student has committed that infraction determine the number of detentions, the number of days of suspension and/or expulsion. All decisions concerning student discipline, including but not limited to, suspension up to and including expulsion are at the sole discretion of the school. The provisions of this Student/Parent Handbook, especially the infraction descriptions in this section, provide due notice as well as clear and adequate warning to each student and his 14