Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 15

Appointments with doctors and dentists should be scheduled after school hours whenever possible. If an appointment must be made during school hours, the student and parent/guardian procedures are as follows:  A signed parent/guardian note or phone call must be submitted to the Attendance Officer by 7:50am;  The Attendance Officer will notify the affected teacher(s) of the absence through PowerSchool;  The student will report to the Main Office to sign out.  Non-driving students must be signed out with the Main Office by their parent/guardian. The school will not release a student to anyone other than the individual(s) named in the student’s record.  Students will not be allowed to sign out of school prior to a Mass or school-wide assembly. d. 8. Absences and Assignment Credit a. When absent, students are expected to check Schoology for missed work and pertinent information for their classes. b. Students are allowed one additional school day for every excused absence to make up and submit missed work. Teachers, at their own discretion, may make arrangements for additional time. Students failing to submit/make up work in the appropriate amount of time will receive no credit. c. If a student is absent the day of an assessment and/or assignment due date and the student was informed in class of the assessment and/or assignment prior to his absence, the student should expect to take the missed assessment and/or turn in that assignment the day he returns to school. d. A student who has an unexcused absence or who "cuts" a class period may receive no credit for classwork, quizzes, or tests missed and will be subject to suspension up to including expulsion. 9. School Mass and Retreats Participation in school retreats and at Mass is an integral part of the formation of the Brother Rice student and therefore attendance and participation is required. For re-admittance to school:  The student must sign in with the Attendance Officer and submit a note from the doctor (on office letterhead or prescription slip). The school reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of an absence and whether it is considered excused or unexcused. A student may be excused a maximum of three (3) times per semester before absences may be considered unexcused. A family should speak with the Dean of Student Formation for extenuating circumstances. 5. Unexcused Absences An unexcused absence indicates a student was absent without a legitimate reason or prior permission for part or a full day. This may include being absent for reasons not mentioned above, skipping class, skipping school or leaving campus without permission. Students will not be allowed to sign out of school prior to a Mass or school-wide assembly. 10. Field Trips Students approved to attend a field trip must present a completed official permission form to the sponsoring teacher before the posted deadline. The permission form must be signed by the parent/guardian and by the teachers whose classes will be missed. Parental/guardian permission to attend off-campus events will not be accepted over the telephone or via e-mail. 11. College Visits Students are encouraged to schedule visits to prospective universities or colleges during Brother Rice school holidays. When scheduling during a holiday period is not feasible, the student must complete an Absence Notification Approval Form for such a visit and return it to the Dean of Student Formation. Written verification of the visit is required from the admission office of the school visited and must be turned into the Dean of Student Formation upon the student’s return otherwise the absence will not be excused. College visits may not be excused for the purpose of exam exemptions and may not be taken during the month of May. The number of visits that may be excused are based on grade level and any beyond the guidelines may be considered an unexcused absence.  For Sophomores, one (1) college visit will be excused;  For Juniors, three (3) college visits will be excused;  For Seniors, five (5) college visits will be excused 12. Signing In or Out of School a. After classes have begun a student must sign in with the Attendance Officer anytime he arrives on campus. b. Students will not be permitted to leave prior to the end of the school day without written permission and a dismissal pass. c. Any time a student leaves campus prior to the end of the school day, he must sign out with the Main Office. A student will not be allowed to leave campus The school does not condone absences for the purposes of extended holidays or vacations and non-Brother Rice academic/athletic camps. Students should speak with the Dean of Student Formation well in advance of any absence not mentioned in Part 4 to work out details and absence type. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for school work beforehand and will be advised of possible academic consequences. Regardless of the absence length, teachers are not obligated to administer make-up assessments and/or assignments or accept work distributed and/or collected during any unexcused absence(s). 6. Falsification of Absences Forging a parent/guardian’s signature on a note or other communication, altering a note or communication in any way or making/having someone else make a phone call to the school in which the caller falsely claims to be a parent/guardian is illegal and dishonest. Moreover, notes giving false reasons for absence or requests to be off campus are also dishonest. Students incur disciplinary consequences for any and all of the above. 7. Absences and Extra-Curricular Activities a. Students absent from school may not attend or participate in an extra-curricular activity or school function on the day of the absence. b. Students who arrive late or leave school early due to illness may not attend or participate in any extra- curricular activity later that day. c. Students who arrive late or leave school early must attend at least four (4) credit-earning courses to be eligible to attend or participate any extra-curricular activit