Student-Parent Handbook Handbook 2017-07-26 - Page 13

National Honor Society Spanish Honor Society Copies of the announcements are available in the Main Office. STUDENT SERVICES A. Academic Resource Center (ARC) The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides programs, services and resources to support instruction, enhance student academic success, and retain a diverse student body. Comprising three components – Enhanced Learning Services, Writing Resources, and Academic Resources – the ARC will arrange and provide services and accommodations for students with academic challenges, and provide workshops, tutoring and other forms of collaborative learning to help students become effective and independent learners. The ARC serves faculty wishing to make courses more accessible for students and to improve student writing and speaking skills. ARC Hours: M,T,R: W: F: B. 7:00am to 5:00pm 7:00am to 1:49pm 3:30pm to 5:00pm 7:00am to 4:30pm D. Brother Rice Bookstore Clothing, gifts, textbooks and other school items are available for purchase at the Brother Rice High School Bookstore and online ( The Brother Rice Bookstore is open on school days, during school hours and summer hours from 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday. Phone: 248.833.2330. E. Food Services All students must remain on campus during the lunch period. Lunches may be purchased in the cafeteria, or students may bring their own lunches and eat in the cafeteria. The school’s expectation is that lunches will not be delivered to the Main Office for students to pick up. F. Guidance Program and Services At Brother Rice, counselors and academic advisors are available for a student’s total educational support. Counselors provide an environment to explore educational opportunities, career choices, college options and personal concerns. Students are assigned to a counselor, however are free to meet with a counselor of their choice. Students are welcome to come in at any time to address concerns. Some of the services offered include: a. Educational Planning: academic advising, course planning, performance progress checks, interpretation of policies and procedures. b. Career Counseling and Exploration: career information and counseling and career assessment. c. College Counseling and Services: college counseling on an individual, family and workshop basis, as well as assistance with college applications and transcript processing, coordination of college visits, networking and consultation with admissions representatives, advising for college preference, financial aid and for choice of major are integral parts of the counseling program fro upperclassmen. d. Special Services: consultation with Birmingham Intermediate School District, coordination of reasonable accommodations, extended test-taking, and support services for students with disabilities. e. Personal Counseling: crisis intervention and referrals, short-term counseling and assessment, referrals for long-term counseling. G. Missions and Retreat Program The Congregation of Christian Brothers operates schools in Peru, and other needy areas throughout the world. Because the students in these areas are unable to pay tuition, the schools of the North American Province of the Brothers help finance the operations. Students are asked to help maintain these missions on a voluntary basis, in charity and self-sacrifice, through the mission collection in their Theology classes. Achieve Plus Center The Achieve Plus (A+) Center is located on the first floor of Old Monastery Hall at Brother Rice High School. The center provides a supportive learning environment for any student seeking additional support in mastering subject area content. It is a student-focused support room where on-on-one, small group, and peer-to-peer tutoring is accessible. Students who are seeking support or who have a Brother Rice Student Support Plan due to a documented learning disability may be assigned to the Achieve Plus Center during their study periods. A+ Tutoring Hours: M,T,R: W: F: 7:00am to 4:00pm 7:00am to 1:49pm 7:00am to 3:00pm Student Support Plans To receive a Brother Rice Student Support Plan which may include test accommodations, a student must have paperwork on file with a diagnosis that would warrant the need for supports and accommodations. Paperwork would include a current IEP, a 504 Plan, or a full psychological evaluation. It is recommended that documentation be less than three (3) years old. Paperwork must be submitted by September 30 of the academic year for the student to receive accommodations for the school year. Once the paperwork is on file with our Student Support Specialist, students will continue to receive the accommodations as detailed in their support plans through their time at Brother Rice High School. C. Announcements Announcements are made in first period following the morning prayer over the PA or may be televised. Students are expected to listen to the announcements in silence so they are able to hear important information regarding the school, athletics, extra-curriculars, etc. Students who wish to have something included in the announcements must have the notice signed by the appropriate moderator, teacher or administrator and submitted to the Main Office at least one day prior to when the announcement is to be read. Brother Rice has a retreat program that offers students the opportunity to enhance their faith life and deepen their relationship with God. At the same time, students are challenged to examine their own lives and values, and to become better acquainted with their classmates. All students have the opportunity to attend retreats each year: Freshmen and sophomores have class retreats and juniors and seniors are offered the Kairos retreat experience, an intensive four-day overnight retreat. 10