Strictly Marketing Magazine May/June 2017 Issue Strictly Marketing Magazine mayjune 2017 - Page 17

Should You Be Using Gamification in Your Market Research? S olid research is the foundation of good marketing, but it can be expensive, complicated, and slow-moving. Thankfully, technology is fixing this. The advent of online and mobile surveys is helping brands and agencies stretch their market research dollars further—and faster—than ever before. But switching to online surveys isn’t a cure-all. Many online surveys have low open rates and even worse engagement and completion rates—not to mention the sampling bias that can skew the data in even the most thoughtful studies. Deployed carelessly, online surveys can deliver incorrect data that can harm your marketing efforts. Companies spend $1.9 billion each year on online surveys in the U.S. alone. That is 10% of the world's $18.9 billion market research spend. Is your company wasting money on subpar online surveys? If you aren’t employing gamification, you might be. Traditional online surveys are tired. Consumers lack the patience to fill them out and can easily lose interest, speeding through the questions with no regard for honesty or accuracy and—in the worst case—even abandoning the survey before completion. Online and mobile surveys that integrate the principles of gamification can be the secret weapon in the savvy marketer's toolkit, taking online surveys from inaccurate and wasteful to necessary and invaluable. The cost savings from online surveys are only worthwhile if the data from those surveys is accurate—and accuracy increases when gamification is integrated into the survey design. Gamification is the use of game design and mechanics in non-gaming contexts to improve user experience. Principles of gamification include giving users clearly defined goals, offering them frequent feedback, and creating an easy-to-navigate environment. Gamification has been successfully applied to everything from recruiting new employees to ordering pizza. If you use a Starbucks Rewards Card or track your runs via Nike+, you are using gamification. Applying those same principles to market research means creating surveys that deliver accurate data quickly and cheaply. Companies that integrate gamification into their market research are creating online surveys that are easier to deploy and yield more accurate results. For example, our self-service mobile survey platform Pollfish reaches over 320 million mobile phone users around the globe. Because we have integrated the principles of gamification into our surveys, they perform much better than traditional online surveys. We have “gamified” the survey process with an easy-to-use interface, a clear system of progression, and a highly engaging format. The result of these gamification hacks is that our surveys achieve an average completion rate of 90%—far above the industry average. Strictly Marketing Magazine May/June 2017 17